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Since 2012, SMMILE (A Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore) has been empowering businesses with creative marketing strategies and digital solutions optimised for sales.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Be it brand awareness or lead generation, we brainstorm and employ different strategies to bring you closer to your goals. Digital marketing in Singapore is a challenging landscape with many businesses competing for consumer mindshare. That’s why top digital marketing agencies in Singapore like us has a team of different experts who are well-rounded in different digital marketing skills to support every aspect of digital marketing. Our digital marketing experts plan out the best approach for your marketing objectives and budget. And our experienced designers and copywriters support the overall process of creating compelling ads and content for social media and your website.


Search Engine Marketing

Increase the visibility of your website in search engine result pages through Google paid advertising. SEM is the fastest way for your website to get exposure when someone is searching for keywords relevant to your products and services.


Search Engine Optimisation

Technical optimisation to make your website easier for search engines to understand. When search engines can understand your website content better, your website will surface when people are searching for keywords relevant to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media content creation (text, image, video) and social media ads strategy to boost awareness for your brand, products and services. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads with powerful and precise audience targeting.


Digital Lead Generation

Our marketer, copywriter, designer, web developer all come together to build a sales web page to showcase the best that your product or service has to offer. We then run ads and get thousands of potential customers to see it. 24/7 sales funnel.

Marketing Retainer

Depending on your marketing requirements, our team of digital marketer, copywriter, design and web developer can able to support you on a monthly retainer basis. Outsourcing to our experienced team will free up your time to focus on other tasks.

Sales Landing Pages

To get the most of digital ads, you need a compelling landing page that can convince the customer to take action; by submitting the form or picking up the phone to call you. Your sales landing page will determine whether the customer converts.

Web Design and Development Services

A digital marketing agency in Singapore is not complete without the backend support of web design, web development and website maintenance. Our full range of services include customised website design, ecommerce design, setup and training, customised website feature development and website maintenance packages. Ecommerce platforms we currently support include WordPress WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. We are experienced in building custom WordPress themes/plugins and Shopify themes/apps. Combining web design with local SEO for the Singapore market, the websites we develop not only look great, but will rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Budget-friendly to fully customised packages available for different requirements.


Company Website

A good website can work 24/7 to promote your company’s products and services. Our web design services are packaged for different needs and budgets.


eCommerce Website

Launch your online store to promote and sell for you 24/7 without sleep or rest. We can support you on WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart and Magento.

Website Maintenance

Require ongoing support on content uploads, WordPress updating, backup and restore? We are experts in WordPress website maintenance.

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Corporate Branding

Brand development, logo design, business card design, menu design and the necessary design elements to build your brand.

SMMILE - Integrated Marketing Digital Agency

About Us

As a leading creative marketing agency based in Singapore, we pride ourselves as being a fast and responsive team that not only understands our customers’ requirements and also execute projects efficiently and professionally.

With strong motivation and desire for customer success, our experienced team brings upon years of creative marketing, design and digital solutions to support you on your integrated marketing needs.

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