Why Need Website Maintenance

If your website runs on WordPress or you have no idea, YOU NEED TO KNOW what is website maintenance and why need website maintenance.

The next 5 to 10 minutes reading this could possibly save your company’s reputation.

We start by considering the importance of your website, and then discuss the dangers of DIY and website hackers. At the end of the article, you can expect to know how your website, website maintenance and your company reputation are correlated.

Without further ado…

What is this Website Maintenance Service?

So there’s this service that web design companies provide called website maintenance (we offer this service as well). But why would anyone need any form of maintenance on a website that does not need to be changed in the next 3 years?

First and foremost, you need to know why your website is important for business.

Having a website is probably more important for your business than your name card in this day and age. You have to know this because your website is open for the world to see 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even on public holidays. Nothing works harder to showcase your company and sell your products in the best way than your website.

Ok, so the website is important.

Then why need maintenance on a none-changing website?

Let’s go through some quick scenarios.

Your business changes and you now have different products or services; do you know how to update that information into the website?

Businesses are changing rapidly with the advancements in technology. It is important to keep your website updated so that potential customers visiting your website can get accurate information about your company, products and services. As a quick example, what do you think your customer thinks of your company if you are a mobile phone company listing iPhone 5 as the hot product on your website?

Taking care of your company’s business growth is what you are good at. Allow the experts in web design and technology to help you update that content without risk of messing up the website’s original design and flow. Trust me, we have had clients who decided to save a few hundred bucks to do it themselves and then screw up the website design which they paid us thousands for. Was the few hundred dollars really worth saving? You tell me.

If your website gets hacked, who do you call? Is the company obligated to help?

Is there someone whom you think would want to hack your website? Probably not.

Are there hackers who want to hack any website which has security flaws? You bet!

Content management systems constantly have new updates to add new features and patch security flaws. It’s just like operating system updates. A content management system with outdated code is very vulnerable to hacking (you are not the target; hacker use powerful tools to automatically find websites with security loopholes).

If your website is fully built by your web developer from scratch, is your website safe? The answer could be dependent on how experienced your web developer is in the area of security. 99.99999% of web developers have no idea on security. That’s why we rather count on a regularly updated content management system like WordPress to let security take care of itself.

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So the question again is, where do you look for help when your website gets hacked?

You make that URGENT call to your web design company. Without an ongoing website maintenance contract in place, you can expect a sky high quotation that doesn’t make sense. Why? A hacked website is the same as a computer with virus, the best way to cure is to format it. But if you really need it back in working shape, it may take more effort ($$$) to fix the website than to build a new one.

Sure, there are many other web design companies who may want to take up this “opportunity”. But they have no idea what the original website was and so need to learn it ($$$) and after which they would still require the same amount of effort or more ($$$) to fix the website. So… that adds up to be even more expensive than your existing web design company.

And then you remember you had your website company make a backup for you… but where is that USB drive when you need it? And how to restore that backup after you spent countless hours and found that little USB drive?

Why Need Website Maintenance?

Similar to health insurance, you know you should have bought it earlier. But who knew what would happen and when?

Here are some areas of coverage can be cherry-picked to include in a customisable website maintenance plan. It’s all up to your budget and requirements.

  • Updating content management system, plugins and extensions with latest official security releases and code patches
  • Fixing bugs and compatibility issues
  • Daily, monthly external website backups, including the database, theme or framework, plugins and extensions, and all of your content
  • Monthly retainer for website content updates (X number of dollars for Y number of hours per month)
  • Disaster recovery and restoring of website backups
  • Setup automated scanning of website malware and spam
  • Email configuration and support
  • General search engine optimization, including on-page and on-site updates
  • Checking for broken and orphaned links
  • Performance tracking and analytical reporting
  • Google Analytics reporting
  • Updating website images and content

So yes, my advice is to allocate a portion of monthly or annual budget to maintaining your website, which is also your 24/7 company brochure and global reputation builder.

Any questions? Feel free to leave a quick comment below.

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