What is SEO and how it works?

Search engine optimisation is important to drive more organic traffic to your website.

The Business Dream

Why are some websites always hogging the front page? Undoubtedly, this is every business dream: to have their search results rank higher in search engine. This is made possible by search engine optimsiation, known as SEO. How do we optimise search engine? 

Here, will be going through what is SEO and go through the process of how it works. 

What is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is defined as the process of maximizing the visitor count to a specific website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. Essentially, SEO makes your website easier for search engines to understand. When search engines can understand your website content better, your website will surface when people are searching for keywords relevant to your website.

Importance of SEO

With good search engine optimisation, comes greater perceived credibility of your website. Every day, potential customers are using search engines to find products and services that you offer. When SEO is done correctly, your website could possibly move up to the first page of search engines. As such, it is crucial that your website ranks high in search engines for keywords relevant to your business.

Good SEO

The SEO process begins when the set of target keywords are confirmed.

To optimise search engine results, keywords chosen should be directly relevant to the company’s products and services. One tip is to find the keywords your competitors are using, to determine a keyword strategy. However, these keywords should not be too generic, as it would take longer to rank high for. 

Consider the following scenario: Your business is about interior design services in Singapore. Instead of using generic keywords like “interior design services” use more specific ones such as “Singapore interior design services” or “interior design services Singapore as it lowers competition. Thereby, it increases chances of your website ranking higher and faster.

Google’s algorithm for positioning websites in the search results is impossible to outsmart. The best and only way to optimise a website to rank high in Google is to be constantly update the website based on Google’s ranking factors.

How SEO Works

1. On-site SEO

SEO consists of two aspects: On-site SEO and Off-site SEO.

On-site SEO improves your website structure, user experience and make it more crawlable and visible for the search engines. Each page of your website has to be optimised for its specific keywords. Content, as well as how the content is structured on the webpage, is highly important.

Here is our quick guide on the basic on-page SEO that can make your website rank better in search engines. Basic on-page SEO includes web page content, web page URL, image alternative text, web page title and description.

1a) Web Page Content

Unique content that is easy to read and relevant can improve SEO and search engine positioning for your website. Even better if your content is easy to share on social media channels. Website content can be articles, press releases, images, videos, infographics, etc. Your website should be regularly with the fresh and relevant high-quality content for continuous improvement in the area of SEO.

1b) Web Page Title and Description

When a web page of your website shows up in search engine results, it contains the web page title and description of the page. This is important as the title and description of your page could determine whether a person clicks into your web page. The page title and description should be closely related to the page keywords.

1c) Image Alternative Text

An image paints a thousand words. In order for search engines to understand the images on your website, the images should have an alt text which describes the image, or the purpose of the image. The image should be relevant to your page content and SEO target keywords for best effect.

1b) Web Page URL

URLs like smmile.com/s123.html do not describe the page at all. Instead, an example of SEO-friendly URL is something like smmile.com/what-is-seo , which describes the page content and preferably the page title as well. 

2. Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO or off-page SEO is the strategy implemented outside of your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages. In other words, all kind of content published on your website with the link back to your website or even without can refer to off-site SEO.

If your website has links from high-quality trustworthy domains, which are relevant to your website’s niche, it will be a signal to the search engines that your website can be ranked higher which means the better position in search engines.

That’s our brief take on what is SEO and how it works. Stay tuned for more sharing of SEO insights on the SMMILE blog.

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