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We provide Web3 technology consulting & venture building to help your company leverage the power of Web3, blockchain and digital transformation.

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2024 is the time you get your business to next level with Web3 and Blockchain

Embrace the future by integrating Web3 and blockchain into your business in 2024. These technologies offer better security, transparency, and efficiency, helping you stay ahead and grow in the digital world.

Web3 and cryptocurrency are on the brink of becoming as fundamental to our daily lives as electricity itself

Picture a world where all our online transactions and interactions are powered by decentralized networks, changing how our society functions. Just like electricity changed industries and homes, Web3 and cryptocurrency will change how we connect, create, and do business, making everything more open and efficient.

Here's Why You Should Consider Jumping On The

Web3 Bandwagon

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dApps pivot around smart contracts – a self-executing code that enables automation. This reduces the transaction cost and enables frictionless peer-to-peer transactions.

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dApp data is stored in a public ledger that transparently records everything and guarantees immutability – which means that no one can manipulate the data.

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Blockchain eliminates the need for users to create accounts dApps recognize users using blockchain validated cryptography. This enables greater privacy and ease of use.

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User Governance

dApps work on a consensus mechanism, which means that no one can dominate or act as a gatekeeper.

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Given that dApps are decentralized, they eliminate a single point of failure. Consequently, dApps are more stable and safe than conventional applications.

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dApps offer an incentivization mechanism in the form of tokens (or digital assets). These tokens are used to incentivize users and validators of the blockchain.

Your Web3 transformation journey has its first step

Add Web3 with SMMILE:

Web3 Checklist


Explicit Checklist on How to Make Your Business Web3 Driven

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Implementation Manual on Turning Your Company into Web3 Driven Business

Web3 Acceleration


Hands-on Advisory and Generative Web3 Implementation for Your Business

Web3 as a Joint Venture

Price depends on a project (usually $75k-$250k + equity)

Apply for a true venture building partnership where we take care of your Web3 integration strategy (and coding, sleeves rolled up), its monetization and much more.

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