UX and UI in Singapore: An uphill battle

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Struggles of UX and UI sector  

User experience Design (UX), together with User Interface Design (UI), are important and closely linked. For a start, UX is how we experience while using the website on our mobile devices. Whereas, UI Design is closer to what we refer to as graphic design.

Thus far, they have revolutionized the way we browse websites. Certainly, our perspectives of the important elements of websites have changed. Now, chatbots are more common across websites to answer frequently asked questions. 

However, what’s behind the scenes of such a sector? Is it thriving as well as we imagine it to be?

Read on to know more. 

UX and UI in Singapore: An uphill battle 2

1. UI and UX in Singapore 

Singapore is an attractive place for startups and companies. A large portion or almost all startups have a digital component to their product. Therefore, it is believed that the market for UI/UX designers will continue growing. Generally, the work is not just about analysis and aesthetics.

UI and UX designers involve a lot of research and also communications with other product stakeholders on feedback, etc. Undoubtedly, both jobs offer much diversity and room for creativity. 

For instance, the agencies engaged will have regular check-ins with their clients to see if the final product (such as website or app) are in line with what the client envisioned. It is only after much fine-tuning and feedback sessions, consumers get to utilize user-friendly apps and websites. It is very time-consuming, and sometimes you may have to give rewards to participants who helped you in the testing phase. This is why some people may prefer User Experience rather than User Interface.  

2. Limited Talent Pool

In order to thrive, companies will require talents who can execute User Interface (UI) design and User experience (UX) well. Unfortunately, there are not many people who are very passionate about the job, or have the right skill sets. 

According to Bryan, founder of local digital agency SMMILE, “We are focused on digital and we’ve come across many candidates who either understands technology but can’t design, or can design but does not understand technology.” There is a need for understanding both design and technology. Companies are challenged with such scarcity, it is no wonder the sector may be struggling. 

This may be because of previous perspectives of the job. Previously, graduates wanted a stable ricebowl, and salary was one of the top priorities. Thankfully, the new generation has began to view such jobs in a different light. Based on recent survey, UX/UI Designer was listed as one of the top 10 jobs. Thus, it seems like future employers may not need to worry as much on the lack of demand for the job. 

3. At SMMILE   

As having impressive online presence has now become a necessity for all kinds of businesses and startups, we believe demand for products with great UX/UI will continue to grow. As a service provider, our plans to expand will be largely driven by customer and market demands.

Currently, we are a small team with very hardworking individuals passionate about making a positive difference through the social media marketing landscape. In the short run, our UI UX team is looking for 1 to 2 more UX/UI designers to come on board in the next 6 months. 

Recently, we were privileged to be given the opportunity to share our thoughts on hiring UX/UI designers in Singapore, through a short interview with Channel News Asia. To find out more on what we shared, check out on Channel New Asia’s Singapore Tonight series. 

UX and UI in Singapore: An uphill battle 3

Food for Thought

Well, this is just a sincere sharing about UX/UI designers. The uprise of UX and UI has improved our lives, and we hope that more people will take up the challenge to be a UX/UI designer.

According to the Hays Asia Salary Guide 2019, top technical skills employers looked out for were project management (56 per cent), statistical analysis and data mining (47 per cent) and computer skills (37 per cent). Hence to stay competitive, it is essential to hone on both soft skills and technical ones too. 

Regardless, it is important to have passion to make your work experience better. 

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Stay tuned for more sharing of UX and UI scene in Singapore on the SMMILE blog.

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