Top Instagram Influencers in Singapore for 2021

Top Instagram Influencers in Singapore for 2021

Influencer marketing on Instagram is not new. For many years, this form of social media marketing has been used by businesses on various platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Influencer marketing has been known as one of the most efficient ways to build a strong online presence and raise awareness among their target audience. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the list of top Instagram influencers in Singapore for 2021.

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1. Jamie Chua

Jamie Chua is a well-known Singapore socialite and online personality with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. She became popular due to her lavish lifestyle. From her extravagant closet and luxurious bag collections to her beauty treatments, everything about Jamie Chua will surely leave you in awe. 

An episode from Bonkers Closets showcased Jamie Chua’s 700-square-foot closet that holds her collection of one of the most expensive bags in the world: Hermès. What’s more fascinating, Jamie Chua actually owns not just 10 or 20 but 200 Hermès bags!  


2. Yik Keat

Lee Yik Keat is a 23-year old Singaporean urban photographer with over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. He is best known for his unique color aesthetics and his ability to bring personality to street photography. Yik Keat has worked on magazines and websites both locally and abroad as well as with renowned brands such as Adidas and Apple. He has also worked for Ultra Singapore for two consecutive years. 


3. JianHao Tan

JianHao Tan also known as JianHao, Hao or Hao Hao is a Singaporean Youtuber and the Chief Executive Officer of Titan Digital Media Pte Ltd, a media marketing agency that specialises in branded content and media production. He created and directed the ever-popular “Class T1T5” series where he also plays the main protagonist. JianHao Tan has over 632,000 followers on Instagram. 


4. Wendy Cheng Xiaxue

Wendy Cheng, better known as Xiaxue, is a Singaporean influencer and online television personality. She became popular for her political incorrectness and unpopular opinions on race and social issues. Xiaxue has over 584,000 followers on Instagram as of writing. 


5. Jeanette Aw

Jeanette Aw, also known by her stage name, Ou Xuan, is a Singaporean actress and producer with over 413,000 followers on Instagram. She was named one of the seven princesses of Mediacorp with her success in the acclaimed drama “The Little Nyonya.” She has established herself as an award-winning actress with a total of 29 Star Awards in the span of her 15-year career with Mediacorp. She received her very first Best Actress at the Star Awards for her role in Channel 8 drama “The Dream Makers 2.”


6. Jayley Woo

Jayley Woo is a Singaporean actress with over 402,000 followers on Instagram. She recently made headlines after she posted a video on social media in remembrance of her late boyfriend, actor Aloysius Pang who died in a military training accident in New Zealand at the age of 28. 


7. Rebecca Lim

Rebecca Lim is an award-winning Singaporean actress who bagged Best Actress accolades at the Asian Television Awards and Singapore’s Star Awards ceremony. She was also awarded the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste and the very first artiste in Singapore to receive the Asian Star Prize at the Seoul International Drama Award. With Instagram followers of 408,000, Rebecca Lim is no doubt one of the most influential celebrities in Singapore. 


8. Jade Rasif

Jade Rasif is a well-known DJ, YouTube personality and former actress. She currently has over 445,000 followers on Instagram. Jade Rasif has been known for both her beauty and brains as well as her courage to speak out whenever she feels the need to.


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9. Tung Sheng

Tung Sheng Chin is a 23-year old Singapore-based private investor who works with banks and fund houses. Furthermore, Tung Sheng owns an entertainment and asset management company and is currently the director of Singapore-based Bayfront Assets Management. He has Instagram followers of over 350,000.


10. Taufik Batisah

Taufik Batisah is a Singapore-based entrepreneur, singer and the winner of the first season of the reality TV series “Singapore Idol.”  He was given a recording deal with Sony BMG and a management deal under Hype Records’ artiste management arm, ArtisteNetworks. Taufik Batisah has Instagram followers of over 344,000.


11. Soh Pei Shi

Soh Pei Shi is a Singaporean blogger and YouTuber with over 342,000 followers on Instagram. She first began blogging in 2011 and then entered YouTube in 2012. She’s been known for her vlogs, beauty and lifestyle videos, hauls and more. Pe Shi has worked with huge brands such as KFC, SunSilk and Olympus. 


12. Joanne Peh

Joanne Peh is a Singaporean actress, host and the founder of The Dimple Loft, a one-of-a-kind programme that aims to help parents navigate their children’s childhood in the most creative and positive way possible. She currently has over 350,000 followers on Instagram.  Instagram:

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XIAOYUKIKO (aka. Yukiko) is a Singapore-based Cosplayer, YouTuber, Streamer, ACG Influencer with over 336,000 followers on Instagram. With a total fan base of well over a million she is well known in the region and attended mant events as guest such as AFA Station TV. She is also featured on several news outlets such as Straits Times, ONE Esports and more. Yukiko is well known for her cosplay, especially her 25 different cosplay versions of Rem, a major character in the Japanese dark fantasy light novel series “Re:Zero.” Instagram:

14. Jesseca Liu

Jesseca Liu is a Malaysian actress based in Singapore. She was named as one of the seven princesses of Mediacorp in 2006. Jesseca was a full-time Mediacorp artiste from 2005-2010.  As of writing she is now a contracted artiste under Mediacoop and is managed by HIM International Music. She has over 448,000 followers on Instagram.


15. Gourmet Artistry – World’s Finest Food Plating

Founded by entrepreneur and content producer, Vivienne Kong, Gourmet Artistry is a platform that showcases talented chefs who can turn food into a work of art. As of writing, Gourmet Artistry has over 321,000 followers on Instagram. 


15. Elvin Ng

Elvin Ng is a Mediacorp artiste managed by The Celebrity Agency. He has over 319,000 followers on Instagram. He became popular after his major role as LiangYi in the Singaporean drama “A Life of Hope.” Elvin Ng was the first Mediacorp artiste to receive the “All-Time Favourite” Award in the 2017 Star Awards. 


16. Andrea Chong

Andrea Chong, also known as Drea Chong, is a Singaporean blogger and social media influencer with over 302,000 followers on Instagram. She has worked with different brands such as Superga, The Closet Lover, Pandora and H&M to name a few. Back in 2015, Andrea Chong was voted as the ‘Fashion Icon of the Year’ at the Singapore Social Media Awards.


17. Carrie Wong

Carrie Wong was a blogshop model before she joined showbiz. She was chosen as the second-runner up in “Hey, Gorgeous” a Singaporean talent-scouting competition that  gave her a chance to join a rugby-themed drama “Scrum!” Carrie Wong currently has over 346,000 followers on Instagram. 


18. Kim Lim

Kim Lim is a Singapore billionaire heiress, fashion royalty and entrepreneur with over 308,000 followers. Born to Singapore business magnate Peter Lim, Kim Lim has lived a fancy life. Her fans are always fascinated with her lavish lifestyle. From spending special occasions on private jets to splurging on luxury brands such as Christian Louboutin, Kim Lim definitely has it all.  


19. QiuTing

Bong QiuQiu or Ang Chiew Ting in real life, is Singaporean lifestyle blogger and influencer. She became popular through her segment called “Budget Barbie” where she searched for the best bargains in town with a budget of $100 per episode. Qiu Qiu has worked with huge brands like Pizza Hut. She currently has over 281,000 followers on Instagram. 


20. Julie Tan

Julie Tan is a Singaporean actress who made her debut in 2008. The following year, she starred in a telemovie “The Promise” and won second place in The New Paper New Face. Julie Tan was appointed as the celebrity spokesperson for L’Oreal Professional in 2014, making her the very first Singaporean spokesperson for the international professional hair brand. 


21. Mongchin Yeoh

Mongchin Yeoh, also known by her social media handle Mongabong, is a Singaporean, blogger, influencer and Youtuber with over 286,000 followers on Instagram. She has worked with other content creators like TreePotatoes, ZULA and The Smart Local. She has also collaborated with LIFETIME Asia where she hosted a travel show for the TV channel. She featured various Southeast Asian countries, Papua New Guinea, Maldives and Palau.

Instagram :

Arian Teo

22. Arian Teo

Aan Teo is a Film, Sound and Video student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and a video content creator with over 277,000 followers on Instagram and a massive 4.2 million followers on TikTok. He is well known for his photo and video editing hacks that can be easily done even by beginners. 


23. Fiona Xie

Fiona Xie is a Singaporean actress who rose to fame for her role as Kitty Pong in the 2018 movie “Crazy Rich Asian.” She was named one of the Seven Princesses of Mediacorp in 2006 and was a full-time Mediacorp artiste from 2001 to 2009. She won” Best Newcomer” at the 3002 Star Awards. She has over 277,000 followers on Instagram. 


24. Aurelia Hathaway

Aurelia Hathaway is a Singaporean social media influencer with over 271,000 followers on Instagram. She has appeared in some comedy sketches by the Night Owl Cinematics with other Night Owl Cinematics member Sylvia Chan. 


25. Melissa Celestine Koh

Melissa Celestine Koh is a Singaporean lifestyle blogger and YouTuber. She is the founder of the fashion label called “Run After” and the owner of the online retail store “Some Days at Home.” She has worked with lifestyle, beauty and fashion brands such as Tiffany and Co., Swarovski and even Singapore Airlines. She also worked as an ambassador for Fujifilm. 


26. DanielFoodDiary

DanielFoodDiary was first started in 2008 by blog author Daniel Ang. It features local cuisines, gourmet food, international restaurants and more. It is committed to providing the best food experiences in Singapore and around the world. As of writing, DanielFoodDiary has over 265,00 followers on Instagram.  


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27. Joanna Lim

Joanna Lim is a Singaporean actress, model and social media influencer with over 255,000 followers on Instagram. She is a talent managed by the Night Owl Cinematics (NOC). Most videos she has starred in NOC’s main channel and its lifestyle channel have gained an average of 200,000 views or more. Her most popular videos by far are “Crazy Average Singaporeans (Crazy Rich Asians Trailer Parody)” and “Instagram Controls Our Date! Will We Fall In Love?”


Katherina-Olivia Lacey

28. Katherina-Olivia Lacey

Katherina-Olivia Lacey is the Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Quincus, a logistics company that uses AI, automation and animation. Currently, she has over 250,000 followers on Instagram. 


29. Nicole Low

Nicole Low is a Singaporean digital creator and Instagram personality with over 235,000 followers. She became part of the Titan Digital Media Team and starred in the web series Class T1T5. Nicole Low is also a regional brand manager at Procter and Gamble.


30. Sylvia Chan

Sylvia Chan is a podcast host and the co-founder of Night Owl kinematics (NOC), a Singapore-based production company known for its YouTube channel “Ryan Sylvia.” The channel became popular for its comedy videos. Travel vlogs and liefeyle videos. She currently has over 232,000 followers on Instagram. 


31. Desmond Tan 陈泂江

Desmond Tan made his name in the entertainment industry when he finished runner-up in Star Search 2007. He was then awarded a contract with MediaCorp and began his acting career doing minor roles in several Channel 8 dramas. Desmond Tan won the Rocket Award at the 2012 Star Awards after his critically acclaimed performance as rickshaw driver Luo Xiaoxiao in the anniversary drama “A Song to Remember.” As of writing, he has over 232,000 followers on Instagram. 


32. TiffwithMi

TiffwithMi is a Singaporean duo composed of Singaporean YouTubers Tiffanie Lim and Michy Lim. As of writing, they have over 685,000 Youtube subscribers and 8,657 Instagram followers. For their individual Instagram accounts, Tiffanie currently has over 228,000 followers while Michy has over 224,000 followers. They are known for their beauty tutorials, hauls, reviews and their Mandarin lifestyle videos. 


33. Romeo Tan

Romeo Tan is a Singaporean actor who was named one of the 8 Dukes of Caldecott Hill. He came into prominence after finishing fourth place on the 2010 edition of “Star Search.” Romeo Tan bagged five Top 10 Most Popular Artiste in the previous years and just recently, he was awarded the Bioskin Most Charismatic Artiste in the 2021 Star Awards. He currently has over 228,000 followers on Instagram.  


34. Zoe Tay鄭惠玉

Zoe Tay is a Singaporean actress and former model with over 237,000 followers on Instagram. Given the rise of her popularity since the 1990s, she has been referred to as the “Queen of Caldecott Hill.” She is one of the first batches to be awarded the Star Awards All-Time Favourite Artiste.


35. 徐彬 Xu Bin

Xu Bin is a Chinese actor based in Singapore. He was named one of the 8 Dukes of Caldecott Hill and is currently managed by NoonTalk Media. Xu Bin was awarded the Favourite Male Character in the 2013 Star Awards. He currently has over 234,000 followers on Instagram. 


36. Sukki

Sukki Singapora, born Sukki Menon, is a Singapore-based burlesque performer and activist. She is known for her outspoken views on freedom of expression for women in socially restrictive countries. Her television debut came after she appeared on the popular 2019 Netflix docu series, “Singapore Social.”  


37. Ching Ching Cai

Ching Ching Cai is a celebrity pet born in Singapore. She is a Shih Tzu with over 214,000 followers on Instagram. Several videos which have gone viral include Ching Ching Cai playing with her owners and her Mannequin Challenge.  


38. Benjamin Kheng

Benjamin Kheng is a Singaporean actor, musician and writer. He made his debut in the industry in 2012 when he joined the popular local pop band The Sam Willows. He is the co-founder, writer. actor and director of the critically acclaimed comedy-sketch series on YouTube “The BenZi Project.” Benjamin Kheng has over 235,000 followers on Instagram.


39. Ya Hui雅慧

Ya Hui is a Singaporean actress with over 208,000 followers on Instagram. She is a Mediacorp artiste managed by The Celebrity Agency. Her versatile acting skills landed her on several roles in English and Mandarin channels. Ya Hui was awarded 5 out of 10 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste. 


40. Denise Soong Ee Lyn

Denise Soong Ee Lyn is a Singaporean social media star with over 209,000 followers on Instagram. She plays the role of Denise in the Class 1T5 Series. While she just started her TikTok account three months ago, Denise Soong Ee Lyn already gained 28,000 followers.


41. YUYU Monster

YUYU Monster is one of the top fashion and Instagram influencers in Singapore with over 202,000 followers. She is one of the very few to use Twitch as a medium to showcase her content. Her bright, colorful hair and her big eyes have won the hearts of many fans, especially those who love anime. 


42. Ridhwan Azman 

Ridhwan Azman also known as Ren Yi Xiang, is a Singaporean YouTuber, actor and influencer. He was first recognised for his performance as Recruit Ismail in Jack Neo’s Ah Boys to Men series. He has also collaborated with JianHao Tan on some of his YouTube videos. As of writing, Ridhwan Azman has over 670,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 199,000 followers on Instagram. 


43. Rachel Wong 誼恩

Rachel Wong is a Singaporean blogger and YouTuber with over 199,000 followers on Instagram. She decided to pursue a full-time career in blogging and social media after graduating from LASALLE with a diploma in Fashion Communications. Her content, which is mostly about beauty and fashion, has opened up doors of opportunities from huge brands such as Dior, Clinique, Sephora and Estee Lauder while her fashion style attracted sponsorships from big names like G-SHOCK, Tommy Hilfiger and Zara. 


44. Saffron Sharpe

Saffron Sharpe is a Singapore-based fashion blogger and YouTuber. She has more than 190,000 followers on Instagram and more than 39,000 subscribers on YouTube. Most of her videos were travel and beauty-related such as fitness routines and makeup tutorials. Saffron Shape has also worked with huge brands including L’Oreal, Grab, Uniqlo and AirAsia. 


45. Ian Fang 方伟傑

Ian Fang is a Singapore-based Chinese actor with over 190,000 followers on Instagram. He received recognition for his role in the 2013 drama “Don’t Stop Believin” and was awarded the Star Awards’ Best Newcomer Award. Ian Fang was also named one of the 8 Dukes of Caldecott Hill. 


46. Eunice Annabel Lim

Eunice Annabel Lim is a Singaporean lifestyle blogger. She was first recognised after winning the Clicknetwork’s VAUNT Model Search in 2011. Eunice Annabel was also known for her modeling and acting roles in local television. Currently, she is working as a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines (SIA). As of writing, she has over 179,000 followers on Instagram. 


47. Miss Pang

Kate Pang is a Singaporean-Taiwanese former actress and television host with over 185,000 followers on Instagram. She started her career as a model in Taiwan before becoming an actress and signing a contract with MediaCorp. After getting married to Andie Chen, the Singapore Entertainment Circle coined the name “Kandie” for the couple. A few years had passed, Kate and Andie decided to create their family’s YuoTube channel called “Kandie Family” where they share their journey and travel videos.


48. Alyph

Muhammad Alif Abdullah, most commonly known as Alyph, Singaporean-Malay singer, songwriter, composer and producer with over 175,000 followers on Instagram. He is the founder of the record label Blach Hat at Records. Alyph has been in the music industry since 2015 when he decided to team up with his cousin Syarif to form the Singaporean hip-hop and R&B duo, Sleeq, which disbanded in 2015. 


49. JASMINE 李惠荣

Jasmine Lee is an actress, host and social media content creator under Titan Digital Media. She played the role of Jas in the most popular Class T1T5 of the Titan Academy. Currently, she has over 175,000 followers on Instagram.


50. Hong Ling

Hong Ling is a Singaporean actress who was discovered in a talent search programme “Hey, Gorgeous,” where she emerged as one of the semi-finalists in 2013. She was first introduced as Somaline Ang, her Thai name but after the show, she decided to use her Chinese name, Hong Ling for easier pronunciation. In 2017, Hong Ling gained her first female lead in “Home Truly.” In 2021, she received her first Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste award. She currently has over 177,000 followers on Instagram.


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