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Undeniably, any business would aspire to be at the top of Google’s first page. To do so, many often outsource search engine optimisation to marketing agencies in Singapore. Finding the perfect marketing agency for SEO is like finding the best interior designer to design your home. However, how do you ensure that the experience will be pleasant? How do you guarantee you won’t be a victim of cheap SEO packages? How do you determine if the marketing agencies are credible enough? Is it worth your investment in such an internet marketing package? Do you require all the listed services? What if the internet marketing agency you engaged is barely showing any new progress?

Likewise, concerns about super expensive SEO packages Singapore. Many have a mindset that quality of a service is positively correlated to its price. Although this may be true, the best deal should be a balance of price and quality. You definitely don’t wish to be overcharged for SEO packages in Singapore.

To get the best deal, you will need a cost-benefit analysis, and factor in the qualitative factors such as performance (effectiveness of the SEO).

In this article, we will be showing you the whats, hows and recommended marketing agencies in Singapore to consider when you are looking for an SEO partner.

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SEO Pricing Package: What does it consist of?

To begin with, we must understand what to expect in a typical SEO pricing package. Commonly, SEO pricing packages will include keyword research, website audit, content optimisation, advanced on-site optimization. More importantly, most marketing agencies will have Monthly Custom Report. The marketing agency will have someone to go through with you how your website last performed and compare it with the current status and explain the possible reasons.

Also, SEO pricing packages in Singapore are usually charged on a monthly basis. This requires commitment from both sides, so it is important to find the marketing agency you can work well with, and effectively too.

Next, you may ask: How much is it per month? Well, it ranges from hundreds to thousands per month, depending on several factors. For instance, if you want to have more keywords, more article and video submissions, or even directory submissions, prices will increase compared to getting a basic package. In addition, depending on competitiveness of the keywords, the competitiveness of business and current SEO of your website, they may recommend you to include more items to refine the website optimisation. That comes at higher costs.

Well, if you are in a rushed timeline, the SEO packages pricing will increase. On average, it takes 3 to 5 months for SEO reflect results.

Often, marketing agencies in Singapore sell SEO pricing packages, as it has been recognised as a website essential. In light of the variety of SEO pricing packages available here in Singapore, it is very crucial you be aware of the types of SEO the marketing agency is performing.

Types of SEO Services in Singapore

To start off, let’s learn about the 2 types of SEO — white hat SEO and black hat SEO.

To ensure you are on the right track, you can find the backlinks your website is connected to. What kind of websites are they linked to? Forum pages, news article pages or something else foreign? Is there any value-add to the web users or purely for search engines to recognise?

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White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is whereby the techniques used for SEO are aligned with the terms and conditions of major search engines.  If your website fails to comply with such ‘rules’, it may potentially be banned from many search websites. This means you’d have reduced ways of reaching out to potential people, which is not what you want! 

Besides, once you are banned from Google, it is very unlikely they will relist you on their search engine. Thus, this is where you should exercise caution.

With this in mind, you can know if an internet marketing agency performs white hat SEO if they are generating quality content, your website is mobile-friendly and has fast loading speed. These are only some features of a website with good SEO. 

Black Hat SEO

Upon understanding this, you can move to the next step: finding appropriate SEO services pricing package Singapore. Where can you find the marketing agencies that Google’s algorithm has classified as performing “white hat SEO”?

Internet Marketing Agency

Internet marketing agency, or better known as digital marketing agencies, are the easiest to approach if you require SEO pricing packages. As has been noted, it is popular that SEO is an “add-on” to many agencies’ core service.

Web design, IT and advertising companies tend to use that strategy. Their SEO services prices are typically cheaper than that of others. The on-page SEO is linked with web design. Thus, it can be pretty much likened to a set. To optimise search engine results ranking, websites have to be amended. But, on-page SEO is not very powerful especially when your website has high competition. A one time SEO pricing package may range from $500 to $5000. 

We have SEO Agencies to consider next. SEO Agencies have SEO as their expertise. They are able to provide standard SEO services pricing package, but are able to offer more detailed, better quality SEO services. Usually, the activities can be listed under each package type, and per month, the price range is from $500 to $3000.

To help your business choose appropriate SEO agencies that are known to offer superb SEO services, we have compiled a list of SEO agencies you can kindly consider from.

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Individuals Who Offering SEO Services in Singapore

Of course, there are also individuals specialized in SEO, and you can turn to them for help but they tend to come at higher cost. Specifically, it can run from $1000 to $5000 per month and above. In a similar fashion to the internet marketing agencies, they are able to customise services and are especially helpful in specific scenarios. 

For example, if you happened to be a victim of having trusted agency that provided”black hat SEO”,  they can be of help. Another instance if you wish to have a site revamp but want to maintain your rankings, you can consult the SEO specialists. There are a few ways to check if the individual is an SEO specialist or not.

Firstly, they have to have basic SEO knowledge. With Google being one of the major search engines. the SEO specialist should be able to quickly spot the changes to be made to meet Google’s basic requirements.

Secondly, they should apply the White Hat SEO techniques to enhance your website, and be able to distinguish the 2 types of SEO aforementioned.

Thirdly, the SEO specialist should be capable of using appropriate tools to do the job. He should be knowledgeable to use Google Adwords Planner Tool to find for specific keywords to target instead of just a generic keyword. This will help you to eliminate any unnecessary competition and move your rankings up!

One of the simplest ways to confirm if he really is an SEO expert is to read testimonials that will describe the person, his work personality, success rates of different projects thus far.


To wrap up, don’t settle for any SEO pricing package that is too good to be true. A good rule of thumb is to not choose anything below SGD150 per month, as quality of results may not be as good. Hence, it is not worth your money. Besides the price point, note the services the marketing agency is providing, and the credibility of the marketing agency in Singapore. And as for whether to choose between internet marketing agency or an individual SEO specialist, it depends on the chemistry between the two parties. 

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