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What’s new to look out for?

Digital marketing has been on the rise with the emergence of new social media platforms. With new technological advances comes new opportunities for more creative and useful digital marketing strategies.

Here, we will show you 4 ways to up your digital marketing game.

They are the latest digital marketing trends of 2019 to be aware of! 

1. Virtual and Augmented Reality 

Ever since Google launched Google Cardboard, Virtual and Augmented Reality has been a hot topic. Both virtual and augmented reality allows users to immerse themselves in a virtual environment. But, how can virtual reality help market businesses? So, let’s break it down. 

Customers usually face challenges when choosing what’s suitable for them. With virtual reality, customers can better picture the products before buying. This makes their shopping experience easier. And this was applied by tech giant, Amazon for its Prime Day. 

For Amazon’s Prime Day, numerous Oculus Rift VR Booths were set up to let shoppers have the unique experience. With a VR headset on, shoppers can see their products in a different “world”! Therefore, such interactive experiences delights customers, and drive up brand engagement. VR also helps to identify consumer needs and room for improvements, thus enriching the customer experience.

Amazon Prime Day VR

Similarly, augmented reality takes our current reality and adds something to it. It comes to play when driving users to specific geographical place is not possible. Comparatively, augmented reality is more flexible. 

Consider StubHub. Stubhub used augmented reality to let potential buyers could see the 3D layout of the stadium, transit lines and more! This enables buyers to easily visualise themselves at the Super Bowl.

As such, virtual and augmented reality can be used strategically to supply the pre-purchase information consumers need and desire, without them requiring much effort to obtain it.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Following that, is Artificial Intelligence, which emphasizes on machines becoming “smart”. 

Recent developments in AI has helped to make data-based experiences easier, and refine user experience. As such, digital marketers are more confident and keen to give it a go.

One such example is KLM’s move to creating a plug-in with Messenger that smoothens processes such as booking, check-in and flight status updates. Travellers can a hassle-free experience, with travel information in their hands. Meanwhile, KLM can provide such information without requiring more manpower.

KLM Messeger Bot

Likewise, Chatbots facilitates pre-purchase decisions.

For instance, Bing’s Business Bot can help in answering most of the customers’ queries. The digital asistant can answer common queries faster over time. As such, artificial intelligence allows you to aid users more efficiently over time.

3. Visual and Voice Search

Besides text, now anyone can search using visuals and even voice. The current trend is to look for information with minimal effort. 

Instead of typing text, consumers can either search images on search engines or talk to the devices to do the job. Google, Microsoft, and Pinterest have jumped on the bandwagon. It’s forecasted to get bigger over time. 

Amazingly, this new form of technology, has been incorporated to suit our daily lifestyles. 

This can be seen by Domino’s collaboration with Amazon Echo. To make pizza ordering services hands-free, customers have to just say “Alexa, Ask Domino’s to Feed Me!” This made it way more interesting than talking to automated ordering systems. Moreover, it was a fuss-free experience too. 

How can marketers then distinguish themselves? Customization is key. This can be achieved by preparing customized content to await potential customers after their image searches. The benefit of doing so is that marketers can gain better understandings of customers’ preferences.

As for voice search, the personality of the bot can be built accordingly. Remember, this is also an opportunity to incorporate brand personality and tone through the way you respond. 

4. Vertical Videos

In recent times, digital marketing is booming. Video advertisements are everywhere. This is because using videos presents opportunities for marketers to engage their audience. In particular, we will look at the rise of vertical videos.  

Earlier, Instagram launched the IGTV. Users can upload long-form vertical videos. Although advertising is unavailable (yet) on IGTV, it is a great platform for sharing creative content. Certainly, IGTV has been success as we see the more users posting brand stories, and entertaining videos.

Evidently, vertical videos on platforms like Instagram and similar ones are worth keeping an eye on. It has even been said there may be major inclination towards vertical video in future. If so, to maximise audience fully, marketers will need to create both horizontal and vertical videos.

Gaining an Edge 

All in all, technology has taken digital marketing to new heights. Not only does it helps consumers, but also the businesses. Across the 4 different strategies, one thing is common: customers have better customer experiences, while marketers have better understanding of their consumers.

Henceforth, to stay competitive, marketers will have to leverage on creative content to capture greater audience. 

That’s our take of the top four new advances of digital marketing trends of 2019.

Let us know which of these digital marketing strategies inspired you!

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