Top 20 Singapore Business Listing Sites for Link Building

Top 20 Singapore Business Listing Sites for Link Building

Business listing sites play a vital role in local SEO. Adding a business to a local business listing increases your brand’s exposure locally. If you own a business in Singapore, it is necessary to have your business listed in some of the best business listings in the country. Enlisting your business in a directory allows you to host your brand, reach your customers effectively and eventually increase your business’ profit. 

What is an Online Business Directory?

Similar to traditional Yellow Pages, an online business directory contains listings of various businesses categorised by niche, activity, size or location except the listings that be found on a website. In most cases, online business directories provide essential details about a business particularly the name of the business, address, contact information and a link to its website.   

Terms You Need to Know in Business Listing

Before we dive deeper into the business listing sites, there are few terms you first have to understand. 

Domain Authority – refers to a search engine ranking score developed by Moz. This metric defines how a website is likely to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). In a nutshell, the higher the DA of a website is, the higher authority it has.

Google PageRank – is a system used by Google Search in ranking web pages for placement in their search engine results. 

Alexa Ranking – is a third-party marketing tool that is used to measure a website’s popularity. It ranks millions of websites with an Alexa rank 1 as the most popular. 

What are the Benefits of Local Business Listing in Singapore?

Although business directories do not contribute much to the overall success of a business today than it was back then, there’s still a list of benefits you can get from listing your business.  

  • Boost website traffic

For small businesses, especially the new ones, increasing website traffic can be a bit stressful and time-consuming. Without any form of marketing, your website can be nothing but a huge waste of money and resources. Enlisting your business in an online business listing site can be of great help. 

  • Improves online visbility

For a website to rank higher on a search engine, increasing the number of links redirected to that particular website, also known as backlinks, is a must. This is where the need for business directory linking comes into play. Posting your business to as many business directories as possible can help improve the number of backlinks, which in turn, can help increase your website’s ranking on the search engine. 

  • Increases brand awareness

Posting your business on different business listing sites not only improves your online visibility but also increases brand awareness. Business directories make it a lot easier for customers to find your business. Having your contact information readily available online helps you connect with your customers faster and more efficiently. 

How to Do Business Listing in Singapore?

Before you can have your business listed in any of Singapore’s business listing sites, there is a list of things you need to prepare. First things first, make sure to use your real company name. Search engines are smart enough to read all signs so ensure that your company’s name matches all the aspects in your business, from the logo, how your  e-mails are constructed, to your marketing and the purpose of your business. 

Top 20  Singapore Business Listing Sites for Link Building


Key Takeaway

We hope that by providing you the list of 20 Singapore business listing sites, we can help you boost your website traffic, improve online visibility and increase brand awareness. 

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