Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023

As a savvy entrepreneur, optimizing your workflow with efficient tools is crucial. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual appointment scheduling by embracing the power of WordPress booking plugins. Not only do they simplify your tasks, but they also enhance the experience for your site visitors.

Dive into the world of WordPress plugins with a selection of the top 10. We’ll walk you through their standout features and pricing details, helping you find the perfect fit for your business.

What exactly defines WordPress Booking Plugins?

WordPress booking plugins seamlessly connects with WordPress, empowering users to establish and oversee bookings for their services or products. This tool facilitates the creation of a booking system on your WordPress website, enabling visitors to choose a date and time, provide their details, and secure a reservation right from your site. Key features commonly offered by booking plugins include:

  • Customizable booking forms
  • Availability calendars
  • Payment integration, automated confirmation
  • Reminder emails, as well as tools for managing customer information.
  • Integration with calendar systems like Google Calendar and iCal is also as a standard feature.

Compilation of the top 10 WordPress booking plugins for your consideration!

As we embarked on curating this selection of the finest WordPress Booking Plugins, our criteria were thoughtfully chosen. We prioritized a user-friendly interface, the capability to craft personalized booking forms, seamless payment integration, automated confirmation of bookings, and robust documentation. Our choices underwent scrutiny for their compatibility with other features, including email providers for business purposes. Not to forget, we also  focused on WordPress booking plugins which harmonizing seamlessly with the latest WordPress version, ensuring high ratings and positive reviews from the user community. Without further ado, let’s explore these top-notch choices!

1. Calboy Appointment Scheduler by Smmooth

WordPress Booking Plugins

Calboy Appointment Scheduler, a new-comer booking plugin by Smooth for WordPress, is an exceptional example of WordPress Booking Plugins that enhances the booking experience for both you and your customers. It is a signal for you to use this awesome tool by Smmooth if you urgently crave these following features.

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 1

Highlighted Features of Calboy:

  • Sleek and Intuitive Forms: Say goodbye to boring forms! Calboy brings you a slick, user-friendly booking form that vibes perfectly with your brand.
  • Time Flexibility, All the Way: Set your own rules! Whether it’s unlimited services, customized business hours, or juggling multiple calendars – Calboy’s got it covered.
  • Lookin’ Good on Every Device: Calboy’s got your back, no matter the device. Our responsive design ensures smooth booking from smartphones to desktops.
  • Mix and Match Time Slots & Services: Let your customers be the bosses! They can grab multiple time slots or services in one go, making life easy-peasy.
  • Ping! Stay in the Loop: Never miss a beat! Calboy shoots out cool notifications and reminders to keep your customers on point and smiling.
  • Payments Made Fun and Secure: Get the cha-ching feeling! Calboy hooks you up with secure online payments via PayPal or Stripe – we play nice with over 100 payment gateways.
  • Google Calendar BFFs: Sync up effortlessly! Calboy and Google Calendar are like two peas in a pod, ensuring you’re always in sync with your schedule.
  • Easy-Peasy CSV Magic: Export your data like a boss! Calboy lets you breeze through business analysis with CSV exports – because who says data can’t be fun?

Calboy is the one top choice for you to get total control and flexibility over your bookings. From unlimited calendars and secure payments to customizable settings and seamless integrations—all starting at just $49 for a lifetime license. So, let’s simplify your booking process and manage it all effortlessly with this affordable, feature-packed WordPress booking plugins!

2. Amelia

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 2

The other plugin (from the criteria of compact-kit edition WordPress Booking Plugins) you can consider called Amelia. This plugin is like your personal wizard for event and appointment bookings, perfect for big-league businesses. It’s loaded with features to automate appointment scheduling on both the front and back ends of your website.

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 3

Amelia comes with a unique advantage in performance optimization, incorporating page preloading and advanced technologies for an optimal experience. Key features include seamless appointment scheduling, a front-end booking wizard, user-friendly UI, an intuitive admin calendar view, flexible appointment management, email notifications, and options for recurring appointments, group services, and coupons (available in premium).

With WooCommerce, PayPal, and Stripe integration in premium plans, Amelia is perfect for quick installation and setup made it as one of top notch choices for WordPress Booking Plugins. Ideal for businesses handling in-person appointments (gyms, salons, etc.), it allows customers to pay online (premium only) or offline. Starting free, premium plans begin at $79 per year. Amelia simplifies your booking process efficiently!

3. Simply Schedule Appointments

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 4

Looking for a straightforward yet robust WordPress booking plugin? Check out Simply Schedule Appointments. This freemium tool streamlines appointment bookings on your WordPress site effortlessly. It’s lightning-fast to set up and gets you showcasing your availability in no time. Available in both free and premium versions, this plugin is feature-packed without unnecessary complexity. Its sleek and modern interface sets it apart from the crowd.

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 5

If you’re in the market for a plugin that effortlessly handles appointment types and back-end booking management, look no further than Simply Schedule Appointments. Ideal for coordinating phone calls and meetings, it’s a solid choice for trainers, counselors, or consultants. Here’s what makes it stand out:

Key Features:

  • Quick setup and installation
  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI
  • Interactive setup wizard for a seamless experience
  • Unlimited appointment types
  • Customizable notification emails and styles
  • Advanced scheduling options and blackout dates
  • One-click support for easy assistance
  • Gutenberg Blocks for enhanced functionality
  • Google Calendar and Mailchimp integration (premium only)
  • Compatibility with popular page builders, including Divi Builder

Simply Schedule Appointments is for you if… You’re looking for a plugin that allows your customers to effortlessly schedule phone calls, meetings, or sessions. It’s the perfect freemium tool—striking the right balance between simplicity and functionality. Starting free, premium plans kick off at $99 per year. Simplify your scheduling game with Simply Schedule Appointments!

4. Hotel Booking Plugin by MotoPress

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 6

Hotel Booking Plugin by MotoPress is the perfect fit if you’re seeking a comprehensive booking platform for real estate, camping, hotels, or any reservation-based website. With this plugin, priced at $99 per year, you gain the ability to create visually stunning booking pages seamlessly integrated with the overall design of your website.

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 7

For those aiming to create a hotel booking or rental property website, the Hotel Booking Plugin by MotoPress is an excellent choice amongst many WordPress Booking Plugins. This versatile plugin allows you to effortlessly book, list, and manage properties or rooms using any WordPress theme. Here are some standout features:

Key Features for WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin:

  • Accept reservations seamlessly
  • Integration with Divi and other page builders
  • Mobile-friendly custom forms
  • Custom search fields for a personalized experience
  • Real-time availability calendars for up-to-date information
  • Tax collection, coupon offerings, and the ability to make multiple reservations
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways for convenience

Exciting news for Divi users – Hotel Booking seamlessly integrates with Divi, adding a dedicated booking module to the Visual Builder. With a plethora of design options, you can craft stunning booking pages for real estate, campsites, rentals, and more. Elevate your booking website effortlessly through WordPress Booking Plugins with the Hotel Booking Plugin by MotoPress.

5. Events Calendar

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 8

Events Calendar stands out as one of the premier WordPress events calendar plugins, offering an all-in-one solution for event ticketing. This powerful tool allows you to effortlessly create and integrate an events calendar into your website. With the free Event Tickets add-on, users can conveniently book tickets for events, whether they are online or in person. The seamless management of ticketing and RSVPs eliminates the need for a separate RSVP plugin, making Events Calendar a comprehensive choice for any type of event site.

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 9

The Events Calendar is not just feature-rich; it’s a highly customizable and extensible plugin that boasts user-friendliness and robust support. Upgrading to Events Calendar Pro enhances its capabilities even further. For an ultimate event booking combo, integrate it seamlessly with Simply Schedule Events. Here are the key features:

Key Features for The Events Calendar:

  • Event ticketing and scheduling
  • RSVP management
  • Multiple views: Month/list/day
  • Categories and tags for streamlined organization
  • Integration with Google Calendar and Google Maps

This powerful tool is a must if you’re running an events website, providing an excellent platform for ticket sales and guest bookings. The price starts at free, with premium plans kicking off at $99. Elevate your event management game with The Events Calendar!

6. WP Simple Booking Calendar

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 10

Continuing down our list, WP Simple Booking Calendar emerges as a popular WordPress booking plugin designed to simplify the process of renting out your property through your website. This user-friendly tool enables visitors to effortlessly check the availability of your home or room and proceed with booking. On the back end, you’ll find it easy to manage calendars and appointments, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 11

WP Simple Booking Calendar, in its free version, offers essential features for crafting and displaying a booking calendar on your website. However, for those seeking more advanced editing, customization, and publishing options, premium plans are available. Here’s a glimpse of the key features:

Key Features for WP Simple Booking Calendar:

  • Booking calendar and calendar legend
  • Holiday home bookings
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Language translation for broader accessibility
  • Calendar data backup and restoration
  • Gutenberg Block for seamless integration
  • Syncing with third-party sites like Airbnb and (premium only)
  • Unlimited booking calendars for expanded functionality (premium only)

WP Simple Booking Calendar is your go-to if you’re looking for a freemium WordPress booking plugin tailored for a property rental website. Whether it’s your vacation home, office space, or personal items and equipment, this plugin is worth exploring. Note that it doesn’t facilitate online payments; for that, consider WP Booking System. The pricing starts at free, with premium plans beginning at $39.

7. StartBooking

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 12

Moving forward in our exploration of WordPress booking plugins, we come across StartBooking, a unique addition to the lineup. This plugin stands out as an all-in-one solution, offering premium online scheduling software that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress site. With StartBooking, your visitors can schedule appointments, view appointment details, and even cancel appointments—all directly from the front end of your website.

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 13

StartBooking is revolutionizing scheduling through innovative cloud technology, offering a managed scheduling system packed with powerful features. Here’s what you can expect:

Key Features for StartBooking:

  • Fully managed scheduling system powered by innovative cloud technology
  • Custom integrations for personalized functionality
  • Classes and group bookings for versatile scheduling
  • Reminder notifications and customizable emails for effective communication
  • Online payment capabilities for seamless transactions
  • Integration with Google Calendar for synchronized scheduling
  • Booking locations and analytics for enhanced management
  • Services and staff management, allowing assignment of specific staff to services

StartBooking is your solution for a scalable scheduling platform tailored for service appointments. It’s especially valuable for businesses offering classes or services requiring group bookings. Plans start at $25 per month, offering a powerful and flexible scheduling solution for your business needs.

8. Bookly

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 14

Introducing Bookly, a versatile freemium scheduling plugin designed to streamline the online booking process. This plugin automates reservations on your website, providing a comprehensive solution for managing your services calendar. The admin panel, characterized by its robust, feature-rich, and modern design, offers easy navigation.

Bookly is equipped with a wealth of settings and tools to view and manage appointments, complete with a well-organized dashboard that provides a snapshot of crucial appointment-related data.

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 15

Bookly stands as a robust option catering to diverse businesses, from salons to transportation companies. It offers advanced features like online payments through Bookly Pro, which comes with a one-time fee, setting it apart from other subscription-based WordPress booking plugins. Here are the standout features:

Key Features for Bookly:

  • Intuitive booking management system
  • Filter, search, and sort options for the booking list
  • Fully customizable and unlimited booking forms
  • Services grouped by category for organized management
  • Calendar viewable in daily/weekly/monthly formats
  • User-friendly interface for seamless navigation
  • SMS and email notifications for effective communication
  • Staff scheduling and task assignment functionalities
  • Payment gateway integrations with detailed reports (available in premium version)

Bookly is your go-to if you need a dependable and adaptable freemium WordPress booking plugin. Perfect for salons, health spas, gyms, and services with multiple staff members. The free version is available, while the premium version comes at a one-time fee of $89, providing a powerful solution for your booking needs!

9. BirchPress Scheduler

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 16

BirchPress Scheduler emerges as one of modern WordPress booking plugins, allowing you to effortlessly create and embed a scheduling calendar anywhere on your site. Geared towards small businesses, it proves to be an excellent choice for spas, salons, studios, and similar establishments. While it comes as a premium plugin without a free version, the features it offers make it a valuable investment, particularly if you require tools for staff assignments and online payment acceptance. Notably, the interface is clean and user-friendly.

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 17

BirchPress Scheduler offers precise bookings for specific times and service durations, along with the flexibility to assign pricing details. With multiple pricing tiers, here are the key features:

Key Features for BirchPress Scheduler:

  • Booking management system
  • Built-in form editor for easy customization
  • Integrations with WooCommerce and PayPal
  • Availability limitations and restrictions for bookings
  • Staff assignments for streamlined service management
  • Integrations with Google Calendar, iPhone, Android, and Outlook
  • Automated email notifications for effective communication
  • Group booking functionality
  • Developer-friendly customization features with thousands of functions and hooks

BirchPress Scheduler suits service-based businesses like salons or yoga studios seeking a robust premium booking management tool. It’s especially advantageous for businesses with multiple staff members handling services. Its developer-friendly nature offers extensive customization for advanced users. Plans for BirchPress Scheduler start at $99, making it a valuable investment for your business needs.

10. Booking Calendar

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 18

Booking Calendar ranks among the top WordPress booking plugins with over 60,000 active installations and an impressive 4.5 out of 5-star rating. As one of the earliest scheduling tools for the CMS, it boasts a rich history. This freemium plugin allows extensive calendar customization, showcasing availability for properties and services. It’s designed for ease of use, featuring a clean and user-friendly admin panel.

Top 10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023 19

Booking Calendar offers a straightforward way for users to select specific days and time slots through the calendar view. Both users and administrators receive email notifications about bookings, allowing for easy approval or denial. Here are the key features:

Key Features for Booking Calendar:

  • User-friendly interface for seamless navigation
  • Customizable calendar designs to match your branding
  • Calendars available in daily, weekly, and monthly formats
  • Time-slot bookings facilitated by the time picker tool
  • Booking Calendar Blocks for integration with Gutenberg
  • Prevention of double-bookings for efficient scheduling
  • Email notifications for both users and administrators
  • Option to import .ics feeds from third-party sites (Airbnb, TripAdvisor, etc.) using shortcodes

Booking Calendar is the ideal solution if you need a quick and easy way to manage multiple appointments per day. It’s also an excellent choice for those looking to integrate data from other travel-and-stay websites like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and The plugin is free, with premium plans starting at $47.40.

To Sum It Up


In summary, WordPress booking plugins are your go-to buddies for smoothing out those event forms on your website. They not only handle ticket sales but also take care of your events calendar and more, all neatly packed into your dashboard. Now, while all the plugins we talked about are pretty cool for booking process, let me tell you, the other such as event registration is like the superhero of the bunch. It makes whipping up registration forms, dealing with payments, and managing your guests a total breeze.

But hey, that’s not the end of the story! Event registration goes above and beyond. You can use it to create paid event registration forms, craft conditional thank you messages, and a whole lot more.

Curious to dive deeper into the wonders of Event Registration? Check out more within our blog for the full scoop!