Tips for an Effective Live Streaming

Tips for an Effective Live Streaming

Compared to photos, links and texts that are commonly used for social media marketing, videos are known to be everyone’s favorite branded content. People of all ages find videos more engaging than any other marketing content there is. A marketing statistics released by HubSpot has proven that 87% of people have been convinced by a product’s video to buy a product or services. Therefore, it’s only safe to say that curating an efficient video for businesses can no longer be considered as an option, but rather, a priority. Whether you’re planning for a corporate webinar or an upcoming workshop, opting for live streaming can be an effective solution.

What is Live Streaming?

What is Live Streaming?

Before getting into the process of live streaming, let’s first define what live streaming is. Live streaming technology allows users to create, watch and even share real-time videos over the internet. With popular live streaming apps such as Facebook Live, real-time interactions with the host and the viewers are now possible. The audiences are given the freedom to engage by allowing comments and emojis which will appear immediately on the screen. 

Unlike traditional, pre-recorded videos, that are usually planned, edited and scripted, live streaming provides genuine, live and uncensored videos. 

What Makes Live Streaming So Popular?

Similar to television and the Youtube app, the main goal of live streaming is to reach as many viewers as possible. But unlike reality television shows and Youtube videos, what makes live streaming so popular is that it removes the stigma that well-curated and overly edited videos are key to online success. 

With social media channels opening its doors to live streaming, individuals and companies are now starting to share various things on their truest form. Given the increasing number of live and unedited videos, audiences began craving for authenticity rather than just the aesthetically-pleasing photos and well-produced captions. 

Importance of Live Streaming for Businesses

Importance of Live Streaming for Businesses

True enough, live streaming can be pretty risky, not to mention, unpredictable as it is live, raw and cannot be edited. Most businesses are stuck on these ideas. While live streaming can be terrifying, entrepreneurs have to understand the fact that this powerful strategy is here to stay. Thus, the only viable option is to gradually embrace this technique and make the most out of it in the future. 

Live streaming is known to be the television of today. When used properly, it can reach hundreds, if not, thousands of viewers wherever they are. Whatever industry you’re in or the size of the company you have, live streaming can offer a list of essential benefits for businesses.

  • Live streaming raises brand awareness

Like any other marketing content, the goal of live streaming is to convey the message as clear and as fast as possible. What makes it more unique from other marketing tools is that live streaming offers bigger opportunities. The higher the engagement and views from the previous videos, the more chances to create another one. More live contents would only mean greater attention for your business. 

  • Live streaming reduces costs

Compared to other marketing contents, creating a live content is far easier and less expensive. Although planning and setting up for a live streaming session can be overwhelming for beginners, opting for this powerful strategy can help reduce costs. For starters, getting hold of the basic know-how of live streaming and setting up a studio is all that you’ll need to create an efficient live content. 

  • Live streaming creates real and efficient audience engagement

Live streaming allows businesses to create real and efficient engagement in the same way face-to-face interactions can. Unlike video on demand (VOD), most live streaming contents are unique and unpredictable, encouraging more viewers to watch and interact. With live videos, real-time interactions are possible. This provides greater opportunities for businesses and the audiences to ask and answer questions instantly. Live streaming also allows the viewers to voice out their opinions through a comment, a “like” or a share that can, in turn, spark other people’s curiosity leading to new audiences to tune in. 

  • Live streaming builds trust and reputation

Producing high-quality and well-edited videos aren’t possible when live streaming. Fortunately, most viewers that are familiar with raw and real-time videos expect nothing but to get full transparency from unedited content. This genuine approach greatly increases viewers’ trust and builds a stronger business reputation. 

Building trust and reputation are essential for a successful business. With people trusting your brand and a strong reputation in place, your business will eventually develop a sort of influence in the industry you belong to, making your advice and the products or services you offer more valuable than the rest. 

What is Facebook Live?

What is Facebook Live?

According to Hubspot, Facebook has already 1.56 billion daily active users. This popularity alone proves the amount of social influence that Facebook can provide businesses in terms of brand awareness, customer relationships and a whole lot more. Since it entered the marketing scene, Facebook, being the world’s most renowned social media channel has changed how businesses do things. One of the biggest advantages it has brought is the existence of Facebook Live

What exactly is Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a live video streaming service launched by Facebook in April of 2016. It allows users to use the camera on their computers or their mobile devices to broadcast live and real-time video directly on Facebook app. Facebook Live is free of charge and easy to use, making it a great marketing tool for all business owners. Facebook live streaming is a fun and efficient way to convey brand stories, to build consumers’ trust and to strengthen business reputation.

How to Use Facebook Live on Mobile Devices

Facebook users can broadcast either to their profiles, groups or pages from across the globe using the Facebook app.

  • Choose the page, group or event you wish to live stream for. Tap “What’s on your mind?” then choose “Live Video.

  • When prompted, allow Facebook to access your camera and microphone.

Note: These prompts only appear the first time you use Facebook Live

  • Customise your privacy settings

If you’re new to live streaming, you might want to try and see it for yourself first. You can set Facebook Live’s privacy to “Only Me.” This means that only you can see and watch the live video. Once you get the hold of it, you can always change it depending on your preference. If posting for a brand, it’s better to set the privacy to “Public” so that your video reaches as many viewers as possible.  

  • Add a description

Add a compelling description to your broadcast. The description will appear on your viewers’ newsfeeds above your live video. Make sure to write an eye-catching headline that will make them want to watch and engage in your video. 

  • Tag friends, check in to a location, add an activity or feeling to your video

Apart from creating a description for your video, Facebook Live also allows its users to tag people, check in to a location, or even add an activity or feeling to the video itself. These steps will not just result in a more unique and personal live streaming experience for you and your audience, but it will also increase your video’s discoverability.  

  • Check your camera’s orientation

Live streaming isn’t pre-recorded nor can be edited. Thus, the only thing you can control is the camera angle and orientation. The best thing you can do is to play with the elements you can control such as the device you intend to use. Choose whether you’ll work with the front-facing camera or the rear-facing camera of your mobile phone. If you wish to change your camera settings, simply click the camera icon with rotating arrows on your screen. 

  • Play with filters and lenses

Make the most out of your live streaming sessions by playing with filters and lenses. Add a pop of color to your live video to make it more fun and exciting to watch. 

  • Click “Start Live Video.”

Once everything is set, you can finally start broadcasting by clicking the “Start Live Video.” As soon as the live streaming starts, your video will immediately appear on your viewers’ newsfeed, allowing them to comment or react on your broadcast. 

  • Interact with your viewers

To make your broadcast more engaging, try to speak directly to your viewers. This allows you to build a sense of trust and reputation, increasing your brand’s value. 

  • Tap “Finish” to end the video. 

Tips for an Effective Facebook Live Streaming

Tips for an Effective Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook live streaming has greatly changed the world of content development. Now more than ever, more and more consumers have been embracing this change. A survey conducted by Livestream has proven that 80% of people prefer to watch a live broadcast from a brand than to read a blog. Given this figure, it’s safe to say that live streaming is an efficient and powerful digital marketing strategy every business should know about. 

Here are some tips for an efficient Facebook live streaming:

  • Know what your audience wants to see

Understanding the needs and wants of every viewer can be a stressful job. However, getting a grasp of the things they want to see is the key to successful live streaming. The easiest and most effective way to get their attention is by giving them the freedom to pick the topic they want. The best thing you can do is to run a poll. From there, you can gauge what topics they are more interested in, giving you an idea of what to prioritise first. 

  • Generate interest through promotions before the live broadcast

Compared with traditional content such as blogs and photo advertisements that are often followed by promotions, live streaming works the other way around. Live broadcast should be considered an event rather than a blog post. Just like in any other event, it is important to get people’s attention even before the broadcast. The good thing about Facebook is that it allows users to target specific groups, making your promotions even more effective. 

  • Plan ahead of time

Although live streaming offers a more natural and straight-forward experience compared with pre-filmed videos, it is still important to plan things ahead of time. Keep in mind that the video itself represents your brand. Hence, you need to make sure it will leave the viewers with a great impression, 

For beginners, it is better to start with a private broadcast. This will give you time to ensure that the key elements such as your lighting and sounds work perfectly. Try to minimise other unnecessary factors that can affect your viewers’ focus. 

  • Consider making consistent and detailed formatting

Branding is key to business success. Thus, it is important to consider making consistent and detailed formatting for your live videos. With consistent video formats, your viewers can instantly remember you, giving them a clear vision of your brand image. 

  • Let your audience know what’s happening

Unlike pre-filmed videos on Youtube, live streaming on Facebook cannot be played again unless it’s done. Once the broadcast starts, viewers can only see what’s currently happening. They won’t be able to watch your introduction. Thus, it is crucial to constantly tell them what your video is all about.  

  • Be interactive by responding to people’s comments

What makes Facebook live streaming more special than video on demand (VOD) is that it generates real-time comments and reactions from the viewers. To make your broadcast fun and interactive, try to read live comments as much as possible. Even better, address your viewers by mentioning their names. This gives you an opportunity to build a real connection with your audience. 

  • Be as genuine as possible

One of the most effective tips to make a successful Facebook live streaming is to offer authenticity among others. Create a strong bond with your audience and connect with them rather than just to sell your products or services. Make sure to smile and be as confident as you can. 

  • Analyse your performance

The last thing you need to do is to analyse your performance. Learn from your previous videos and consider your viewers’ reactions. You can also use various metrics that Facebook has set to help you measure your results. This will give you an idea as to how many viewers have watched your video and how many unique viewers you have gained.

SMMILE: Social Media Marketing Services for Stronger Online Presence

SMMILE: Social Media Marketing Services for Stronger Online Presence

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