Social Media Marketing Services

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook are some of the fastest way to increase brand awareness and generate lead generation for your products and services. Expand and grow your business with a leading social media marketing agency in Singapore.

The best way to target your customers is social media

Look around and you will see that most people are spending their time on social media platforms apps. These social media platforms have data on their users’ age, location, gender, interests and more. And with the power of social media advertising, you can showcase your products and services to your exact target customer. Every marketing dollar is well spent.

Facebook Marketing

Create your Facebook page, build brand awareness, engage your customers and generate qualified leads with Facebook Marketing.

Content Strategy for Social Media Marketing

A Facebook page with no posts and updates will make it seem like your business is inactive. So what is the kind of content to post? How often to post? And what to do if you have no time to create content? This is where we can definitely help.

Facebook Ads Targeting Services Singapore

This is definitely the most powerful way part of Facebook advertising. We work with you to pick out exactly the target audience for your ad and estimate how many people your ad can reach. Test out different audiences and find out who are your best customers.

Social Media Marketing Services 1

Business Research

First step of our Facebook marketing process is to understand the business that we are working on. We spend time with you to understand more about your company, your brand, business model and marketing objectives.

Social Media Marketing Services 2

Audience Targeting

Launch an ad and target the all Facebook users? That’s a recipe for failure and also burning away all your advertising dollars. Instead, we align your marketing objectives, target customer, product/service with a customised audience targeting strategy. We will help you find the best way to leverage Facebook users to your advantage.

Social Media Marketing Services 3

Measuring Results

Is your ad attracting more men or women? What are their age group? Do they react better to the design of this ad or does the other photo work better to attract customers? We use all these information from the Facebook ad manager to help you understand your customers better and design even better ads to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Need Fast Results? Run Ads on Google. Our Team is Google Ads Search Certified and We Can Execute it for You.

  • Social Media Page Creation
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Research
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Post Content Creation
  • 6 Months Commitment
  • Ad Design and Copywriting
  • Facebook Audience Targeting Strategy
  • Ad Setup for Brand Awareness or Lead Generation
  • Remarketing Strategy
  • Results Analysis and Optimisation
  • 12 Months Commitment

Social Media Marketing Insights

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