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Get your business found on search engine 1st page today. Generate leads and win over competition with effective search engine marketing strategies. Expand and grow your business with SMMILE – a leading Search Engine Marketing Company in Singapore.

Drive brand awareness, increase leads and sales with SEM.

Being on the first page of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo can drive brand awareness and increase leads for your business. Customers are searching for your products and services on search engines and if your business can’t be found, you are missing out of sales opportunities! Our SEM consultants strategise the most effective methods to advertise your products and service on search engines, which ultimately translates into real profits for your business.

How Will SEM Benefit Your Business?

As we already know, searching for information online has become a way of life. So one of the best ways to generate leads online, is to be found when customers are searching for your products and services. It could be relative easy to run paid ads. As a results-focused SEM agency, we would advice a combined strategy of paid ads and SEO. Paid ads can bring you fast results based on your advertising budget. And SEO can bring you long term results and increase result on investment.

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Search Ads

If a potential customer is searching for a product or service that you provide, it means they have strong intention to buy. We can help you work out the best search ads strategy to target such customers.

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Display Ads

Imagine putting your ads in front of an audience that is already interested in your product and service. They don’t even need to be searching. This is the perfect way to increase brand awareness.

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Remarketing Ads

Strategically plan out ads that would show to a potential customer who have visited your landing page or website before. Since they had shown initial interest, a remarketing ad can remind them to take action.

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Ad Landing Pages

The information an ad offer is as good as a namecard, but with an ad landing page, we are able to showcase your product and service in their best manner in order for your potential customer to convert into a customer.

Need Fast Results? Run Ads on Google. Our Team is Google Ads Search Certified and We Can Execute it for You.

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