NFT Rarity: Best Tools for Tracking NFT Projects in 2022

NFT Rarity: Best Tools for Tracking NFT Projects in 2022

Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, have brought the world a different perspective of digital ownership. As such, more and more people are leaning towards NFTs. To make sensible decisions in terms of investing in NFTs, artists, creators and investors alike should keep track of the most popular NFT initiatives. 

You might be wondering, why keep track of these trending NFT projects? If you are looking forward to making great profits, finding some of the rarest NFTs is a must. To do this, you need to determine the rarity of a certain NFT. 

What is NFT Rarity?

NFT rarity determines how rare and valuable an NFT is and how limited a certain NFT or a collection is. The rarity of an NFT depends on various traits surrounding it including an NFT’s physical features such as color, costumes and design, as well as its arbitrary influence such as the creator or the project’s profile. 

In most cases, a collectible from a high-profile artist such as from a celebrity sells at a floor price higher than a regular artist. As such, there are NFT projects that become part of the trend while others don’t. If there is a limited supply of a specific NFT from one artist, that piece may be considered rare. Similarly, an NFT with special offers and uses including perks for the owners could be more valuable than just a simple digital asset. 

How to Calculate NFT Rarity?

One of the biggest factors to look for when calculating the NFT rarity is the supply value. The less supply, the bigger the demand. This drives the prices of these NFTs even higher. You can also calculate the rarity of an NFT based on its rarest trait, taking an average of the rarity of traits and examining rarity statistics. 

Top NFT Tools for Tracking NFT Projects in 2022

Although there are various ways to manually assess the rarity of an NFT, these methods may take up an ample amount of time. Fortunately, there are various NFT rarity tools to help you track the hottest and the most trending NFTs in the market. 

1. BitDegree

BitDegree is a comprehensive blockchain data analytics tool that is used for analysing various NFTs available in the market, allowing you to make the right decision. This platform also allows users to create their own portfolio where they can easily track the progress of their favourite NFTs. As of writing, BitDegree is tracking 357 NFT collections from three protocols that are spread across 58 different NFT marketplaces. 

2. Moby

Moby is a highly effective NFT tracking tool that offers the fastest NFT statistics and feeds in real-time. Due to its shorter window periods of 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 24 hours and more, this platform encourages users to immediately act upon their investments. If you choose to subscribe to its Pro version, you will get access to a wider range of data such as historical collection data, real-time feeds, NFT signals and so much more. 

3. is another powerful NFT tracking tool that provides all essential information about a trending NFT project including the collection value, total asset, floor price, sales and volume. On its website, you can also find the list of upcoming NFT collections to see if there’s any interesting NFT you might want to invest in soon.  


On, you can easily sort all types of NFT collections based on their collections, average price and the volume in ETH. Even better, you can go through the detailed attributes of every NFT in any collection. Another excellent feature of is that it gives a rarity score to any NFT. Thus, helping you determine whether or not an NFT is a worthy investment. 

5. OpenSea

OpenSea is known as one of the most popular NFT marketplaces in the market today. Not just that, it is also a powerful tool for tracking and analysing NFTs as well as determining how to improve them if needed. This platform provides the rankings and activities of all the NFTs in real-time. 

6. is an NFT tracking tool that has a user-friendly interface, making it a great option for beginners. It provides necessary data on the latest floor prices, volume and sale history of the NFTs. Once you have your wallet connected, you can even filter the ranking for the last 15 or 30 minutes. 

7. NFT Drops Calendar

Alongside keeping track of NFT drops, NFT Drops Calendar also provides information about giveaways, events and promotions relating to NFTs. with the help of different search tags, you can look for different NFT collections. The platform’s sorting feature allows you to sort all NFTs based on various parameters like minting date, price, volume and more. 

8. DappRadar

Another reliable NFT tracking tool is called DappRadar. Not only does it provide data for NFTs. but also for a whole range of decentralised apps such as games, crypto exchanges and DeFi ( Decentralised Finance). It allows individual portfolio tracking and displays NFTs in the marketplaces based on different timeframes. Aside from that, you can track an NFT’s volume, traders and real-time sales. 

9. Upcoming NFT

Upcoming NFT allows you to track upcoming NFT projects, events, auctions and giveaways. You can opt to view the listed NFT projects depending on their popularity, time of addition, and even the upcoming projects. The Upcoming NFT’s live feed feature allows its users to monitor the NFTs that are minted in real-time.  

10. NFT Evening

NFT Evening provides information about various NFT categories such as digital art, collectibles, gaming, music and more. The platform has a calendar where you can find updates on the upcoming NFTs portrayed in a fun, accessible manner. It allows users to perform analysis using different filters like categories and blockchain.

Final Thoughts

Missing out on an important NFT drop can mean losing thousands and even millions of dollars. To make sure you never miss upcoming NFT drops, events and giveaways, using reliable NFT tracking tools is necessary. Choose among the list of the best tools above, invest in the right NFT projects and make profits!

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