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Marketing and its Influence   

Marketing comes in various forms; social media, email and offline marketing. There are some advertisements that we fondly remember. Some advertisements have been stuck on replay, it even connects us to a brand when we think of the advertisement. An example of this will be the Ferrero Rocher commercial.

So, what are some secrets on how to make that pack of punch in your marketing? Besides the aesthetics, the social science aspect contributes to the difference. 

Here, we will share 4 tips to make your marketing definitely unforgettable in consumers’ minds. We hope you will find them very useful. 

1. Power of Rhyme

Rhyme, the occurrence of having or ending of words, syllables, or lines have that corresponds to another. 

In the last decade, the number of ads with a prominent rhyme reduced by half. Since 2007 about 4% of print ads included a rhyme compared to 10% in the previous years. Is rhyme past prime? 

Studies have shown that sentences which rhyme are twice as memorable than those without rhyming. Due to the rhyme, our brains process it more easily and it feels ‘right’. Intuitively, we accept it, and do not question as much. 

Thus, using rhyme improves consumers’ perception and memorability of a brand.

Making Impact: Unforgettable Marketing Essentials 2

2. Surprise 

A surprise, is more likely to be memorable. Social scientists have discovered that when we’re surprised, our brains’ reward center is activated. Following that, our emotions intensify by about 400%. This makes it easier to focus and remember what we just saw.

Coca-Cola took its advertising to a whole new level by making ads drinkable. Compared to print ads and video commercials, the advertisements for its Coke Zero included the usage of other applications and platforms so that customers are really trying the drink. Engaging the 5 senses instead of simply enticing Coke lovers on screen, was indeed a surprise. 

Did it work?

According to Coca-Cola, 60 per cent of people go on to re-purchase it once they tasted it. Coca-Cola’s goal to attract as many people to try Coke Zero was a definite success. The amount of people who have redeemed their coupons at Target to get a free Coke Zero has been way above benchmark of 25%.

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3. Plot Twist and Emotions 

No one would be willing to buy if they could predict how an advertisement will end. Here, we will break it down. 

Stories involve more parts of the brain than mere facts and figures do. Hearing or reading stories involve many other parts of the brain, including regions that process action, scent, and touch.

As such, when we hear or read a story, we understand the information better and remember it longer.  

In today’s world, Thai advertisements have been the king of using the plot twist technique. The advertisements have a common trend: trigger your emotions, then the advertisement appears. 

4. Power of Visuals  

Social scientists refer to the Picture Superiority Effect. Essentially, pictures are better recalled than written words. If the message delivered incorporates pictures, probability of noticing and remembering the advertisement increases.

Of course, some visuals are more impactful than others.

A New Zealand study found that pictures accompanying text bolstered the believability of that text. Additionally, a Cornell University study found that charts and graphs also made copy more credible. That way, consumers are more assured and convinced. 

Therefore, next time, do include visuals to fasten information processing in consumers’ brains. It will be more memorable. 

Making Impact: Unforgettable Marketing Essentials 4

The Most Powerful Technique 

That is, none other than sincerity. 
The more hardselling an advertisement is, the less likely consumers are going to buy the product or service. No one would want to be forced to purchase. As a result, powerful advertisements include sincere messages. 

As mentioned above, there are many ways to make your advertisement more unique and unforgettable. And many of them can be backed up by social science. Whichever method you use, do be sincere. 

Let us know if you have had a new takeaway from today. Happy marketing! 

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