Learn Minimalism from Apple | How simplicity makes your brand look better

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away— Antoine de Saint-Exupery French writer (1900–1944)

What is the essence of Apple’s value? Management, Technology, Investment? Maybe you forgot about Design – a very important factor of the legendary success. Apple thinks that “When something is designed to work beautifully, it tends to look that way, too.” Design is all about creating beautiful experiences.

Apple has been creating wonderful experiences for people around the world by implementing a modern design trend – Minimalism.

But What is Minimalism?

“Simplicity of style in artwork, design, interior design, or literature, achieved by using the fewest and barest essentials or elements to maximum effect”

When you are wondering about your brand identity and website design, you can follow the “less is more” principle – the content, colors, font, layout, structure, pictures. Everything on your website should be consistent and not too overwhelming. You want your visitors to grasp the most important information quickly – simplify or remove all the distractions.

John Edson is the President of LUNAR, a leading global design firm whose clients have included Apple, HP, Cisco, etc. He wrote a book called “Design Like Apple”. He mentioned 7 principles:

1) Design Makes All the Difference

Beauty, ingenuity and charisma create a unique competitive advantage.

2) Design The Organization

Nurture taste, talent, and a design culture.

3) The Product is The Marketing

Create products sell themselves.

4) Design is Systems Thinking

Product and context are one.

5) Design Out Loud

Prototype to perfection

6) Design is For People

Connect with your customer

7) Design With Conviction

 Commit to a unique voice.

It is essential that you keep tracking the design trend and stick to it – your website design is what matters. It will give the visitors the first impression, the sustainable interest, and most importantly – trust, the trust in your company and your work. Let important things remain – less is more.

Lan Zhou

Learn Minimalism from Apple | How simplicity makes your brand look better 1

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