How to Secure WordPress Website

A well-curated website is crucial to business success. And so as website security. Whether you own a start-up business or a huge enterprise, understanding how to increase website security should be your utmost priority. 

The cases of successful cyber-attacks are increasing at an exponential rate. Without robust security in place, your website can be a vulnerable target of these attacks. In most cases, businesses suffer from major financial losses due to cyber-attacks. Even worse, they end up losing their clients’ trust resulting in a huge negative impact on the company’s reputation.

How to Increase Website Security: Why is it Important?

How to Increase Website Security

Technology makes everything seem possible. From handling business through a customised website to setting up e-payment for smoother and faster business dealings, all business transactions can basically happen in an instant. However, these advantages also come with a list of drawbacks. As such, it is essential to understand how to increase website security.

Below are some of the reasons why understanding how to increase website security is so important:

  • Successful cases of cyber-attacks are rapidly increasing.

Being referred to as the technological hub in Southeast Asia, Singapore is becoming part of the biggest major players in today’s digital era. However, such a reputation makes the country even more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In fact, the entire country suffered from one of the biggest, most controversial cyber-attacks in Southeast Asia when cybercriminals infiltrated the database of Singapore’s SingHealth, the country’s largest group of healthcare institutions, losing the data of 1.5 million patients.  

With the growing number of internet users comes the increasing number of successful cyber-attacks. This reason alone proves that business owners should learn how to increase website security.

  • Cyber-attacks can result in the loss of clients’ trust.

Cybercriminals have one thing in common: their only goal is to cause major damages or losses to their target websites. This is one of the biggest challenges most business owners are facing nowadays. With critical clients’ information at hand, it is essential for businesses to know how to increase website security.

Most often, cybercriminals use viruses and malware to infect their victims, putting critical data at risk. Hacked websites can then be used to redirect traffic and inflict as many visitors as possible. 

  • Poor website security can lead to loss of reputation and revenue. 

Creating a brand image is a long process. Building a strong credibility and reputation matters to ensure that a business remains up and running. Unfortunately, it only takes minutes to an hour for infiltrators to destroy everything a business owner has built, from the business’ brand image to its reputation. Successful cyber-attacks can even lead to bankruptcy. 

Given the major disadvantages poor website security can bring, it’s safe to say that understanding how to increase website security is crucial for businesses of all industries. 

Easy Steps on How to Secure WordPress Website

Easy Steps on How to Secure WordPress Website

WordPress is among the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) around the globe. Given its simple yet customisable interface, WordPress has gained popularity for personal and for business purposes as well. In fact, it runs 36% of the entire internet, putting it on the top ranking in the open source category. 

Along with its popularity, WordPress has also caught the attention of hackers and cybercriminals. Although WordPress core software offers great security, successful attacks still exist. The best thing a website owner can do is to take a proactive approach to WordPress security. This is where the need to understand how to secure WordPress website comes into play. 

To ensure robust protection on your WordPress website, here’s a list of 5 easy steps on how to increase website security:

  1. Choose a reliable hosting company

Choosing a reliable hosting company is your foundation towards an efficient and secured WordPress website. While investing in a cheap hosting provider may seem like a more practical option, doing so might mean getting less security than you should actually have. 

Most reliable hosting companies understand the importance of how to secure WordPress website. As such they guarantee robust protection along with the latest hardware and software. Thus, blocking infiltrators from exploiting known security vulnerabilities. 

  1. Use a strong password and update it regularly.

Understanding how to increase website security is not always about complex strategies. Simple steps such as using a strong password and updating it regularly can keep your website away from hackers’ view. On the other hand, using a common password that can be easily guessed can increase the chances of successful attacks.

  1. Make sure to limit login attempts. 

Using a weak password can put your website at risk, but forgetting your password is a different story. An effective solution: to choose a credible password manager that can store critical passwords the safest way possible. 

Another step on how to increase website security is to limit login attempts. Restricting the number of times a user can login to the website reduces the possibility of a successful attack. 

To limit login attempts, install the WordPress Limit Login Attempts Plugin. Go to Settings > Limit Login Attempts. 

  1. Install website backups.

Although website backups cannot keep your website secure from hackers, they can help you in times of downtime caused by an attack. Website backups allow users to keep data in place and restore them anytime they need to. 

  1. Have a WordPress Security Plugins.

WordPress Security Plugins serve as the main source of robust security for most WordPress users. With a list of security features they offer, WordPress security Plugins can be considered as an integral part of how to increase website security. 

Most WordPress Security Plugin includes:

  • Anti-spam Protection
  • Brute Force Attack Protection
  • Malware Scanning
  • Firewall Protection
  • Core, Themes and Plugin Update

SMMILE: Ensuring Safe and Efficient WordPress Website 

Keeping a business website up and running is not an easy task. The same goes for ensuring website security. Understanding how to increase website security is essential to keep your business alive. We at SMMILE can help you in this matter. 

Our Web Maintenance Services include:

  • Monthly updates of:
    • WordPress CMS
    • Theme
    • Plugins
  • Monthly external backup of your website. 
  • Setup regular malware scans.
  • Update the website when there is a security release from WordPress, theme or plugin(s),

Allow us to guide you as you learn how to increase website security. Send us a message at or give us a call at (65) 8687 8143.

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