How to Create the Perfect Instagram Profile and Improve Social Media Marketing?

How to Create the Perfect Instagram Profile and Improve Social Media Marketing?

How to Create the Perfect Instagram Profile and Improve Social Media Marketing?

Instagram is a social network with over 500 million active users a day. If we know the fact, and that is the fact, that over 80 % of them follow business profiles, it is clear why this network is an integral part of every social media marketing strategy. As such, you need to know to create the perfect instagram profile to improve social media marketing. 

Generally, profiles that stand out in Instagram have a few things in common:

  • A username that can be easily identified,
  • Recognizable profile photo,
  • Regular posting of stories and photos,
  • An informative and pleasant “Bio”,
  • Link to a website, campaign, and blog.

We will now share with you some tips on how to create the perfect Instagram profile that will look attractive, tell your potential followers who you are and what you do, and give them a reason to follow you and interact with the content you post.

You first need to create a digital communication strategy that creates the brand story you want to share on Instagram.

Public (Not Private) Profile

When creating a business Instagram profile, one of the more important things is that everyone can see the posts and follow your brand. If the profile is private, anyone who wants to visit it will not be able to see the content you have posted, which may deter them from following you.

To make sure your profile is in the public mode, click on “Settings” then “Privacy” and make sure “Private Account” is turned off.

Recognizable and Easy to Search @Username (i.e. Handle)

Choose a @username (i.e. handle, as it is officially called in the Instagram ’language’) that will be recognizable and easy to search. It is recommended that the username be the name of your business. If such a username is already taken, use your business name as the first part of the username and then add a term that has to do with what your business does, all to make it easier for users in the search to find your profile. 

If you want to edit your @username, go to the profile and click “Edit Profile”.

Profile Photo

Profile photography is one of the first things users notice on your Instagram profile. A profile photo should be easily recognizable. Most businesses post their company logo for their profile image.

The smallest dimension of a profile picture for Instagram is 110 x 110 pixels (i.e. a perfect square), and then Instagram is cropping it itself in the shape of a circle (110 pixels in diameter). It is recommended that you adhere to these dimensions as any major deviation will result in users seeing a blurry or stretched photo.

All corners of the photo that are shaded when cropping will be cut by Instagram. You can move the circle or zoom it until you take a profile photo of your choice. To upload or replace a profile photo, go to the profile and click on “Edit profile” and then on “Change profile photo”. You can import a photo from Facebook, Twitter, or choose one from the smartphone gallery.

It is very important that you follow the current events during the year and adapt to them, so you can enrich your profile photo with holiday elements during the, e.g. New Year holidays, or adjust it in accordance with current events at the time.

Interesting, Attractive, and Informative “Bio”

Like profile photography, “Bio” (the description at the top of the profile) is one of the first things your profile visitors will see. The maximum number of characters that you can use to attract more followers in the “Bio” section is 150. No need to stress how important it is to have the link to the website you built for your business here in “Bio”. Even better, if the web page presenting your business is done in a way to stand out in the niche you do business. You can also use this space to support action by using certain hashtags or other links related to your profile, company, social event, etc. We will elaborate on the link-related topic in the Instagram profile “Bio” in the next paragraph.

Post the Links in the “Bio” Section

One of the biggest fears of people who have Instagram profiles – especially business profiles – is that traffic from this platform cannot be redirected to an app, website, Twitter, or some other channel. This is because Instagram does not allow the posting of clickable links except in the “website” box in the “Bio” section.

If you want to change the link to “Bio”, go to your page, click “Edit Profile” and then enter the URL you want in the URL box. You can change the URL in a profile whenever you want. We recommend that you use shortcuts that include UTM tracking codes (used to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns) so you can always have information on how much traffic to your site has been generated from Instagram.

Good Quality Photos

Photos are an important part of Instagram profile optimization. When users of this social network visit your profile, it is very likely that they will first look at the first 10 photos on your feed. The quality of these photos can be a deciding factor in whether someone will follow you or not.

So always keep in mind when you post that if you do not have something particularly interesting and nice to share, then don’t post at all. Interesting and relevant topics are a priority to post and always think about the needs of your users – what kind of photo would interest them. For example, Coca-Cola targets young people who like fun, socializing, sports, and this is the reason why it posts photos of DJs at concerts or young people skiing (with a bottle of Coca-Cola in hand, of course) on its Instagram profile.

Another way to collect likes, comments, and followers is to share fun content with users of this social network. Sometimes fun and funny photos are easier to remember and more convenient for easy sharing. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to have good and quality photos. What is necessary is to explore good examples and choose interesting perspectives and angles. Photo editing applications, such as Canva, can also help you a lot in creating good photos for Instagram.

Post Content Before Informing the Public That You Have an Instagram Profile

Before you inform the public that you have your Instagram profile and animate people to follow you, fill it with photos and all the important information. Social media users love authentic content.

Insta stories are just as important as the posts themselves (if not more important) so take advantage of the great visibility they provide and communicate with a potential target audience, while at the same time sharing fun or educational content with your followers through this format as well. Instagram Story is a short video or photo that appears for the next 24 hours and then disappears (unless you decide it is worth staying forever and add it to Highlights). This simple feature is an effective way to share fun or educated content with your followers. The Instagram algorithm, but also the very nature of the Instagram app, first shows you the stories when you enter it. This happens for a reason…

Be Consistent and Regular in Posting the Content

It is important to focus on creating quality content that you will publish at a time when your community is most active.

Instagram is primarily an application that is mainly used on mobile phones and users use it throughout the day – research shows that the largest number of users interact with the content on this network outside of working hours. The recommended days for posting content on Instagram are Monday and Thursday at any time except between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. However, it is best to experiment and explore for yourself when your target audience is most active.


Create the Perfect Instagram Profile and Improve Social Media Marketing

To create the perfect Instagram profile and improve social media marketing for your brand or business you need to:

  • Understand your audience,
  • Create content that your audience wants to see,
  • Entertain your followers,
  • Post not because you think you have to, but because you have something to tell, share, or ask,
  • Set a balance between promotional and inspirational – creative content,
  • Tell stories through visual content,
  • Offer exclusivity to your followers,
  • Analyze your success – the audience, their habits, preferences and, thus, upgrade your content.