How To Choose a Web Design Company

Picking the right web design company is one of the most difficult things to do. If this is not your first time evaluating vendors, you know that some salespeople can sell you the stars but deliver a rock, especially Singapore web design companies.

Today you will learn exactly how to choose a web design company that can meet your requirements in just 4 simple steps.

First, Ami will share with you a very close to heart perspective of why web agencies are like high heels.

After which, I will go through the 4 steps to choosing the best web design company for you.

Let’s dive right in.

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Web Agencies are like High Heels – Amireh Leuwer

Most of the people are judging about your company because of the style and design of your website. In order to keep up with your market competitors, you need to have a responsive website. Most of the people jump to conclusions. So the first five seconds count the most.

To create a good website, most people would choose a Web Design Agency to help. Although there are many tools out there that are helping you create it on your own, it is worth to pay for a professional web designer to avoid typical mistakes.

But how to choose one?

There are so many different Web Design Agencies out there. Most of the things they do are similar, but some of them differentiate themselves. The agencies are all around the world, so it could be good to search all over and pick the one that delivers your company’s message the best.

How to pick one that fits?

The first task is to get to now about them. Not only the big one are good and fit your style, identity and culture. It is an attractive work field and although you barely know more than one, the market is still growing.

There are a plenty of thing you should be aware of while choosing your Web Design Agency.

Web Agencies are like High Heels. They all look good and most of them will fit when you try it on, but the first day wearing them shows you if it was the right decision. But there is one thing that is different. If you buy a wrong pair of shoes you can give it back and get the money – not that easy with your agency.

The most important thing to find the new website is to be sure about your target. What is your company’s target? What is your message, your culture, your identity, your aim? And why does costumer need you and not your competitors?

The more you know your bottom line, the easier it will get to pick the right agency. If you fail while planning your website, you will be doomed to fail.

Marketing is pricey but also has a huge value for a company. To ensure the aim you set, you should be aware of the costs and compare it to the value your online marketing has and the return on investment. The more you cut of the budget the less your value could increase in the long-term view.

Of course it is easier to get to know about agencies and their abilities if they are a big player and for a longer time in their business, but a new agency or startup is not necessarily worse. De facto there are lots of newcomers that have formidable ideas and new ways and procedures to work on the best outcome. It is more important that the agency understands your industry than how long they actually worked as agencies.

Certainly not only the agency should understand your industry, you should also understand what they are up to and talking about. It is a communicating and learning process for both sides to create the best possible website for your company.

But the design is not everything. It is necessary that you feed your agency with information and content for your page. The more context you give them the better they can create your website, without congesting it.

Recognize that sometimes the sky is not the limit. You should understand what you can achieve and bear up your investment. Creating your website is only the first step. Good agencies will keep in touch with you and help you build a strategy on your investment to increase the value.

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4 Steps to choosing a Web Design Company (be it Global or Singapore Web Design Company)

These 4 simple steps will be useful for you whether you are looking for a global or Singapore web design company.

1) Set a budget

“What is your budget to build and launch your website?” – This is a common question from vendors and it’s important that you roughly have a budget in mind so that you can quickly filter out the vendors who can deliver within your budget range and save you lots of time from meeting vendors who are not within your budget range.

It is important to understand that web design is rather similar to interior design, pricing could vary based on the experience of the web design team, which ultimately determines the quality of work. But be careful not to mistake years of experience as the key factor. Web design trends change all time, it’s important that the web design team has a creative director who is always up to date with changes in design trends and technology.

2) Understand your goals of having a website

List down specific goals that you would want to achieve from your website. A website is never just about having one, it’s about achieving business-aligned goals. Some examples of such goals could be to:

  • Increase sales and revenue.
  • Setup a new e-Commerce sales channel.
  • New product launch.
  • Establish credibility as a knowledge leader.
  • Provide better accessibility of information to customers.
  • Build your brand’s online presence.

Depending on your set of goals, your website could need features like call-to-action buttons, sign-up forms, event calendar, photo gallery, product shopping cart, online payment collection, webpage content management, search engine optimisation, customer login, live chat and more.

With specific goals in mind, you will be able to access the capability of vendors based on what they have done previously to help other companies achieve similar goals.

3) Find 3-5 companies to evaluate

You can easily find hundreds of Singapore Web Design Companies using Google.

Take a look at the vendor’s website, does it attract you enough to want to do business with them? Call them and submit their contact form, how fast are they responding? It’s important that you select vendors who are sincere and keen on your project success.

Share with the vendors about your business, goals of the website and budget range. You will be able to quickly filter out which vendors can achieve your objectives within your budget.

4) Review contractual terms and conditions

The final stage of your vendor evaluation would be on the proposals and contracts. One of the key conditions that you should set out for your vendors is that you should have full control of the website source code, content management, hosting and domain name passwords so that in any case you want to switch vendors in the future, you can do so without being held hostage by crafty vendor behaviour.

There you have it, the 4 step guide to choosing a web design company.

Hope the guide here helps you in your process of finding the right vendor for your needs, but if you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a quick comment below.

I’ll be around to reply to comments and answer questions.


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