How Are Blogs Used in Business

How Are Blogs Used in Business 2

What is a Blog?

Blogs are personal platforms where people share their perspectives on a range of topics. Topics include useful food recommendations, perspectives on real world issues and so on. Have you ever wondered if blogs can be used for business too?

Despite this, to gain an edge in the digital marketing realm, there are commercial blogs now. More businesses have now included it on their websites, after realizing the benefits it brings to the business.

Here, we will be sharing with you 10 reasons why adding a blog will be a valuable asset to your business.

1. Establish Businesses as Authority in their Field

Undeniably, the Internet is an information hub. Commercial blogs allow users to find the information they are looking for, such as product reviews. Through creating information-packed blogs, customers are more likely attracted to the business. These commercial blogs can also include step-by-step instructions as to how to do a specific task. 

2. Improve Search Engine Rankings 

Surprisingly, commercial blogs can improve a business’ search engine rankings. Through addition of business name, brand or keywords, search engines can recognise content faster and with greater ease. To take it to a level higher, frequent posting of fresh content can help to keep rankings high. Therefore, businesses will more likely be at the front few pages of search results. To understand more of how search engine optimisation works, click here.

3. Increase Customer Pool 

Obviously, businesses are constantly looking to expand customer pool. This can be achieved by creating lighthearted blogs that are entertaining and fun. When consumers enjoy such blogs, it often creates a bond between the business and consumer. Consequently, consumers are more inclined to share the information with friends and family by word-of-mouth and on social media platforms. Indeed, this makes blogs a highly powerful marketing tool that potentially extends customer outreach.

4. Operate as Effective Customer Service Platform

Moreover, commercial blogs can also help to answer frequently asked questions on the products and services the businesses provide. These blogs can include information such as in-depth information on products and services, refund policies, exchange and refund polices, and more. Replies on these blogs create opportunities for interaction between business and customer. Thus, this helps to build consumers’ trust as the business will have good reputation of being customer-friendly.

5. Identify Needs and Pain Points with Products 

Besides attracting potential customers, blogs can contribute to improvements in the business’ operations aspect. Based on interactions with customers online, businesses can better understand their customers.

At times, certain products and services could result in decreasing sales or demand. Without a doubt, businesses face a challenge to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

With blogs, this can be identified more clearly, by asking customers’ opinions on their products and services. As such, businesses can use the information as a guide to see what kind of products can be developed, or dropped off the product line.

6. Narrow Gap Between Customer and Business

As a lot of processes have gone digital, it is very difficult to find the human touch. However, when we do a reality check, majority still inclined to approach businesses who seem more “human”. Rather than a robotic business bot, consumers want to feel that they are interacting with another individual. Blogs provide a personality to the business.

In the long run, this helps to distinguish the business. 

7. Great Social Media Platform 

Not to mention, commercial blogs are an awesome social media platform! 

With rising use of social media platforms, businesses have to constantly refresh their social media pages, to enhance their social media presence. Blogs are fantastic tools to keep potential customers engaged on the business. This can easily be done by adding a new blog post, or even simple brief update of upcoming events and sales.

8. Direct Users to Various Pages

Also, another fantastic feature of blogs is that they can direct users to different website pages of the business. Using hyperlinks that are placed in the blog post, links can direct users to other social media accounts, such as the Facebook page, or relevant articles. Unquestionably, this strengthens the business’ social media presence. With greater online presence, business is likely to generate users’ interest.

9. Grow Email Lists

By having an opt-in email button on blogs blogging can help businesses grow the email lists. When users choose to click on the email subscription button, businesses are able to send newsletters and other updates to the user via email. Then, this can pique interest. Users can stay up-to-date on the businesses’ products and services.

10. Affordable Marketing Strategy

In general, blogs are comparatively more affordable, as it requires minimum funding.  It is not as difficult to start and “maintain” blogs.

Content such as introduction of new products, events and services, can maintain that sense of anticipation of customers. If customers are highly excited about it, they are likely to spread it on the various social media. Henceforth, this will help promote the product, without the business pumping large amounts on advertising. 

As can be seen, blogging adds a personal touch to the business. Not only that, it can help strengthen relationship between the business and customer. Furthermore, from the business operations perspective, it aids in identifying the more well-received products through the customers’ feedback, opinions and reviews. Hence, blogs are fantastic tools to market your business and take it to the next level.

In summary, business blogs help both customer and the business itself. 

Now that we just shared 10 reasons on why you should have one. If you have not done so, start creating commercial blog posts to boost your business!


That’s our brief take on what is a Blog and its benefits to businesses.

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How Are Blogs Used in Business 1

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