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Strategic marketing consulting services for small businesses looking for growth and profitability.

Virtual Chief Marketing Officers (Virtual CMO) are becoming increasingly popular as many businesses struggle to understand how they should be marketing during the pandemic. 

With the uncertainty and confusion of COVID-19 protocols and what language is acceptable to use in marketing materials and campaigns, business owners and marketers are looking for an adaptable, strategic direction and plan for their companies moving forward into 2021. 

Services to Expect from a Virtual CMO

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Build a marketing strategy & map out a plan

Together, we will identify what success looks like, and we will build out a marketing strategy to achieve this.

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Drive & manage tactical execution

We will create and set up activity that will deliver on the Marketing Plan. And we’ll create a plan, outlining tactical execution and measurable goals.

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Manage marketing resources & budget

We will define the budget and track expenditure. We’ll engage and manage the resources needed to deliver to the plan.

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Monitor & measure results

We will continually monitor and measure performance against the pre-determined goals.

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Refine & evolve your Marketing Plan

As your business evolves, so too will your Marketing Plan. We will help you define and expedite those changes.

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Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Hassle-free recruitment

Having the need to hire a new employee can be timely, expensive and overly stressful. Dealing with the entire process that includes job posting, sifting through a pile of resumes and going through numerous and lengthy interviews can take up a lot of your time and resources. 

Virtual CMOs are highly experienced and have worked with different companies from different industries. Thus, getting them on board is a lot easier and more straightforward.

Expertise at a fraction of the cost

Hiring a full-time senior marketer with years of experience in creating effective marketing plans often come with a large amount of money.

By choosing to outsource your CMO, you can get the expertise you need at the price you can afford. A Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can save your business a remarkable amount in salary, allowing you to spend much more on your marketing plans. 

Proven knowledge and strategic connections

Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can help identify if you need more resources for better marketing plan execution. In most cases, integration of powerful infrastructures such as Content Management System (CMS) is required. Luckily, most reliable CMOs have built strong connections with industry-leading professionals and agencies that can help implement your plan effectively. 

Comprehensive marketing ability

A Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is equipped with skills, ability and resources enough to build a team of experts to give you the marketing strategy your business deserves. With years of experience in marketing, a virtual CMO has gained extensive skills that can help you implement your social media marketing plan, convert more leads through website design, analyse the performance of your strategy, and so much more. 

Highly adaptable and flexible

Given their vast experience working for businesses of all sizes and industries through various economic situations, a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has gained expertise in understanding ways to adapt and keep a business relevant in the industry it belongs to. A Virtual CMO knows when and how to adjust marketing strategies ensuring that your plan works and drives results regardless of economic uncertainties. 

On-demand Digital Marketing Services

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Corporate Branding

A well-planned and executed brand strategy for company branding can help you grow market share, increase brand value and build customer loyalty.

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Digital Lead Generation

Build an online sales funnel to generate digital leads 24/7. Showcase the best that your product or service has to offer and get customers.

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Search Engine Marketing

Get your business found on search engine 1st page today. Generate leads and win over competition with effective search engine marketing strategies.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Ranking high in Google is important, but SEO is a technical, tedious process. Outsource your SEO to a leading search engine optimisation company in Singapore.

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Social Media Marketing

Increase brand awareness and generate lead generation for your products and services. Expand and grow your business with a leading social media marketing agency in Singapore.

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