Freelancer vs SEO Agency: Who’s better?

seo agency vs freelancer

Decide between freelancer or SEO agency  

Before even deciding engaging freelancer or an SEO agency, know the whys. To begin with, SEO is one of the biggest concerns many have. Especially, when “power” of online presence rises everyday. According to research, a whopping 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. We want to be heard, found and recognised. 

With that in mind, there needs to be heavy consideration before you engage anyone for the job. It’s a long-term relationship. In the long run, it tends to produce higher return on investment, compared to Pay-Per-Click and other methods. 

Should you hire freelancers or SEO agencies? How much should you spend? 

Thus, we present to you our take on differences between hiring freelancer and SEO agency.  

Hiring a Freelancer SEO

 Essentially, a freelancer SEO is the in-between. Neither does it belong to any agency, nor does it work for in-house. They have the flexibility of time and cater longer attention span to each client. This is partly caused by the nature of the job. As a freelancer, they have to bear full responsibility to bring in greater traffic for clients. At the same time, they have to consider other aspects of SEO to really help your website soar the ranks. 

Typically, a freelancer SEO works 41 hours weekly, and spends 76% on SEO-related tasks. Usually, they usually handle 9 clients each. This is good for you as it implies they are more dedicated in refining your website’s SEO. Some may critique saying that freelancers are not as good in priortising, and their personal relationships may impact the working relationship with you. But we believe that is the minority. 

Although they may be spending so much effort, you may be thinking: what about quality?

Well, there is no guarantee unless you have found ways to ensure the freelancer is indeed a certified SEO Specialist. To counter this, you can look up testimonials from previous clients to see if the freelancer is as qualified and up to your expectations. 

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Hiring a SEO agency 

On the other hand, an SEO agency usually provides a wider range of services as it has more manpower compared to freelancers. There are usually teams in charge of SEOs, content producers and project managers.

They are more recognised because of the solid testimonials that clients give. Since their staff are assured to be certified via the hiring process, there is less risk that you will be working with a bunch of inexperienced SEO enthusiasts.

In any business, several employees come and go. Likewise, in SEO agencies, staff put under charge of managing your website SEO may have left and the task would be transferred to someone else. In this manner, there may be inconsistencies in SEO performance, and slower progress.

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Besides that, SEO agencies usually handle 23 worldwide clients at once. This may raise alarms for some of you. SEO agencies were found to work 25 hours on SEO-related tasks, which is more than 50% of the total hour spent on SEO weekly (44 hours). 

Agencies usually don’t spend too much time communicating with clients from time to time, as they have to factor in time differences of their different clients and shifting priorities of different projects. This may be unfavourable when you suddenly notify them of changes in plans. That being said, this does not mean that they are unadaptable and inflexible as a team.

For the same reason, quality of work provided by SEO agencies is commonly thought to be better, Their portfolio of clients, coupled with their established reputation, has made them more skilled at problem solving. If your website has SEO issues, they are more likely to know how to fix things quickly. 

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Freelancer vs SEO agency 

 With these points in mind, we urge you to keep an open mind. In terms of experience, SEO agencies may have slight advantage. However, freelancers too may also be able to provide such work quality for you too. Freelancers are also the ones who may devote more effort to your website, given their job nature. 

In other words, comparing between the two requires both factors that are qualitative and quantitative. For the latter, you should take note of the price, attention time span, quality of work and SEO performance results.  

Ultimately, it is a matter of preference to choose between freelancer and SEO agency. The best benchmark is not just the results, but by the most enjoyable working experience. 

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