Facebook Live Selling System

Comment +1 to place an order. Automate Facebook Live sales process with the Facebook Live Selling System. Automatically capture orders with cart for checkout using multiple payment options.
Update: Supports Instagram Live Selling too!
Live shopping orders captured automatically with better conversion and lesser effort. Order capturing, processing & shipping made easy. 24/7 customer support.

How it works

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Facebook Live Selling System 2

Comment Selling

Sell on Posts & photos, customer order via comments, easy peasy.

Reply & Comment ordering system

Just reply comment to create order, easy for customers and viewers.

Customers easy fill in detail.

A link will be sent via Messenger to customers allows self manage orders.

Flexible shipping options

Do the way customer wants without asking after each live session

Auto order capturing

Catches orders automatically, just sit back and enjoy the show.

No missing orders

Customers comment keyword, system will capture as order. No need to manually check.

Complete order and payment detail

Easily manage order in one view and improve assistant's efficiency

Manage stock easily

View, manage and track your stock in one place

Catalogue managemenm

Customers' purchase history, phone number, outstanding payment at your fingertips!

Excellent customer support system

Fast and efficient support through Whatapp group with your team.

Online payment methods

Payment gateway supports Visa/ Mastercard, PayNow, Grabpay

Live selling on Facebook and Instagram

World’s number 1 live selling system that works on both Facebook Live and Instagram Live

Exclusive Collaboration with Upmesh

** Supports both Facebook and Instagram ** 

PROMO : For orders before 31st Dec 2020
Payment gateway
Visa/ Mastercard: 2.65% +$0.50
Paynow: 1.5%
Grabpay: 3%
User interface/dashboard
Clean and uncomplicated design:
Just click and start using, no need to dig through many screens
Live Sales Analytics
Track how much sold while selling on live
Order confirmation
Live PM to buyers for each successful order
Order management
Tracks all unpaid, paid and delivered orders
Customer chat
Direct link inside dashboard to PM each buyer
Customised domain and catalogue
Access to new features
Access to ALL features
24/7 customer support
Always on standby to help!

** Free tier exceeds after 1,000 checkouts **

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