Essential Things You Should Know About Meme Marketing

Essential Things You Should Know About Meme Marketing

One way or another, you have seen, interacted or even shared a meme on your social media platform. Memes are no doubt, on the rise. They are funny, engaging and a great symbol of people’s opinions and emotions. But there’s more to it than just a source of entertainment. As years passed by, brands have learned innovative ways to create stronger connections with their audience through meme marketing. Memes have now transformed hundreds and thousands of businesses’ social media strategies. From just nothing but just funny jokes and short-lived commotions, memes are now used by brands to boost their social media following.

What is Meme Marketing?

The word “meme” was first coined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins back in 1976 in his book entitled “The Selfish Gene.” He described it as a shared cultural artifact that can be shared to engage with a target group. 

Over time, memes have grown from just a concept shared online for humorous purposes to an effective digital marketing strategy used by marketers to reach younger audiences. While memes might seem like nothing but hilarious commentary ideas, the return of investment is no joke. Furthermore, meme marketing is far more adorable than other forms of marketing. Compared to ad campaigns on billboards or on TV which can cost thousands of dollars, meme marketing is free especially if you make it yourself. 

Memes can be a text, image, video or gif that has a definite style or concept, making it easily identifiable. Successful memes are often changed to embody a different meaning while still maintaining some unique pattern.   

Why Marketers Are Into Meme Marketing?

Why Marketers Are Into Meme Marketing?

Those who said social media is a dark place probably don’t know about memes. Among the people who benefit the most out of the meme culture are the marketers and brands. They take advantage of meme marketing to improve the value of their digital marketing and ultimately, enhance their online presence. 

Marketers have learned to create copies that are aligned to the visual representation of popular memes. Through generic and relatable memes, brands become more appealing especially for younger generations.  

What are the Benefits of Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing is an effective way to create connections on social media sites. In fact, they are everywhere. From Facebook, Instagram to Twitter, you can now easily find all sorts of memes. One good reason for its growing popularity is the benefits it comes with. 

Here’s a list of the major advantages of using meme marketing for your business:

  • Cost-efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of meme marketing is that it is absolutely free. Unlike other forms of marketing, creating memes doesn’t involve money, There are a lot of websites that offer a free service to generate memes according to the needs of your business. 

  • Easy to Create

Creating a meme is probably the easiest marketing technique you will ever make. In fact, you don’t need any technical know-how to generate your first-ever meme. Just visit your preferred meme-generating website, choose an image that fits your objective and choose the text you want to complete 

  • Popularity

Given its huge fan base, creating a buzz using memes won’t be as difficult as you would think. With almost every individual using memes for various purposes such as for entertainment and marketing, it is most likely that the memes you create will be seen and will generate engagements. 

  • Lifespan

Memes that are unique and humorous tend to stay on the audience’s mind for a longer period of time. With meme marketing, businesses can benefit from stronger connections with their audience that will remain alive in their minds for the years to come. 

How to Do Meme Marketing?

So you’re now well aware of the benefits your business can get from meme marketing. The next step you need to understand is to make things work. Here, we’ve created a list of tips you might need to consider to effectively use meme marketing. 

1. Know your audience

Similar to any other digital marketing technique, creating a plan is important in meme marketing. For starters, understanding who you’re targeting is the most essential step you need to prioritise. Knowing your audience well will help you make sure that your efforts won’t be wasted.

2. Use popular memes

One of the easiest ways to do meme marketing is by using a meme that has already gone viral. Successful memes will instantly give your content a sense of familiarity as most audiences probably have seen the image or video before.

3. Be cautious

Memes are funny until you’ve decided to make a joke out of a topic you shouldn’t touch. This is one of the major concerns you need to think about when dealing with meme marketing. Making such mistakes can wreak havoc on your company’s reputation and eventually disconnect you from our audience. 

SMMILE: Meme Marketing for Businesses

SMMILE: Meme Marketing for Businesses

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