Divi Video Lightbox Module

Hey guys, it’s been a while since we last released a plugin. This time we have good stuff for everyone who uses Divi.

Our Relationship with Divi

We started using Divi to build WordPress sites in early 2016 and it was like falling in love. Using Divi theme and Divi builder has not only helped us to save time, it has also help our non-technical customers to learn content management much faster than with the standard WordPress editor.

The Divi Video Module

So while building client websites, we received requests to have the video pop-up in a lightbox. It was like a trend, and a cool feature to have.

So we did it. The Divi Video Lightbox Module is born.

Here’s how it works. Install the Divi Video Lightbox plugin. You will get a Divi Video Lightbox module inside the Divi builder.

Comes with additional options on top of the standard Divi Video module options.

  • Play in Lightbox (On/Off)
  • Autoplay (On/Off)
  • Background Color (Make the lightbox background match your website theme – supports # color code and rgba with opacity)
  • Video Width (Set the percentage width of the lightbox video)
  • Trigger a video lightbox by clicking a button (or a, input, img, div, span, textarea, select, ul, li).
  • Hide video frame if using triggers
  • Redirect to another url after closing lightbox (new window / same window)
  • Auto Triggers
    • Trigger on page load
    • Trigger on exit intent (desktop only)
    • Trigger on percentage of page scroll
    • Trigger after time on page

Check out the plugin in action below.

Trigger Video with Button

Trigger with Text. Why Not? When you close this lightbox, it will redirect to another page. Option available in the backend to open in new window or current window.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your videos open on a lightbox?
What if you could control the background color as well?
And also control autoplay when the lightbox pops up?
Do you want to trigger a video lightbox by clicking a button (or a, input, img, div, span, textarea, select, ul, li)?

Ready to Launch Your Videos in Lightbox?

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Divi Video Lightbox Module 1

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