How to Link Gmail to your Business Email

Written by Bryan Ho

May 13, 2017

Using Gmail as your primary email has got multiple benefits over the standard Cpanel email accounts.

  1. Gmail has larger storage space.
  2. Gmail has a wide variety of mobile apps available to easily synchronise and send emails.
  3. it’s free!

Here are the 3 simple steps to get your business email linked to Gmail so you can do all the receiving and sending just within Gmail.

Step 1.

Set your business email address as an email to send with
In Gmail, go to settings, Add another email address you own.
Enter SMTP settings for the business email.

Step 2.

if there is existing email in the business email inbox, sync all to Gmail
In Gmail settings, use check mail from other account.
Enter POP3 mail server settings for the business email.

Step 3.

Forward all incoming mail from business email to Gmail
Add email forwarder in Cpanel which forwards a copy of all email to your Gmail email address.

Step 1 is to setup Gmail to send email using your business email address.
Step 2 is to ensure all your business email is synced to Gmail.
Step 3 is to setup Cpanel to forward all incoming business email to Gmail.


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