Facebook Ad Mockup Tool

Written by Bryan Ho

February 24, 2017

In our quest to help 100 SMEs grow their revenue this year, Facebook marketing seems to be on top of list for brand awareness and lead generation. Facebook ads can be laser target consumers and the design of the ad is ever so important to win the attention of today’s consumers with ultra short attention span.


The Challenge of Facebook Ad Design Mockups

One of the early challenges we faced were to create Facebook ad design mock-ups for our clients to review. Creating different mockup variations on how the copy would look in the different ad types, checking if the image text falls within the 20% text guideline, different buttons, and many other little factors made the mockup process pretty tedious. It is absolutely important to manage our customers’ expectation on how the ad would look, simply because they are paying for us for the service.


The Facebook Mockup Tool

Recently chanced upon an online Ad Mockup Generator from Ad Parlor and it was PERFECT.

We were able to get instant previews of what the ads would look like in all different ad variations and guidelines are given on the optimal length of copy, and best of all we could easily download the mockups to send to clients.

Here’s the work in progress using the Ad Mockup Generator.

Facebook Ad Mockup Tool

So here’s the mockup tool, try it out and feel free to reach out to us if you need any help with your Facebook ads. https://adparlor.com/ad-mockups/

Have fun,



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