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From huge brands, SMEs to home-based enterprises, almost every business owner is now using an e-Commerce platforms such as WooCommerce.
More and more people are becoming digitally-dependent. To meet customers' demands and expectations, businesses should have a powerful e-Commerce website in place. This is where the need for an effective e-Commerce platform such as Shopify comes into place.
Blog 1

Divi Video Lightbox Module

Divi Video Lightbox Module give you the ability to easily create videos that open in lightbox with your preferred background color and autoplay. Divi video module supports youtube/Vimeo/WEBM/MP4.

Blog 4

The Tricks for Content Marketing

Having great content is essential that will determine the call to action for potential customers. We outline important tips of content marketing to boost your sales and customer retention.

Blog 5

What You Need to Know About Your WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular content management system that is widely use around the world. It is easy and friendly to use. They are also affordable with thousands of free themes and plugins to use.

Blog 6

How to Choose a WordPress Theme

Depending on your industry and what you are selling. Choosing the right looks and feels for your website is important. Read more about choosing the correct wordpress theme in this article.

Blog 7

Facebook Ad Mockup Tool

Facebook ads can be laser target consumers and the design of the ad is ever so important to win the attention of today’s consumers with ultra short attention span.

Blog 8

Website Development Cheat Sheet

We compile a list of important toolkits that our team uses to build great-looking websites. Good tools are the same for everyone.

Blog 9

Formidable Forms Save Custom PHP Value in Hidden Field

In this article, we go through how to save a user’s WordPress locale value into Formidable Forms hidden fields so that you can use the value for processing after user submit forms. To start off, I’ll share more about the specific challenge we had. And then I’ll get into how we solved it.