A Complete Guide to TikTok Advertising

A Complete Guide to TikTok Advertising

As of January 2022, TikTok now has 1 billion active users who spend more than 850 minutes per month on the app. What’s more, Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Trends Survey found that 24% of marketers now considered TikTok as an effective tool for reaching their business goals, compared to just 3% in the previous year— that’s a 700% increase!

So whether you’re looking for ways to drive more traffic to your website or launch a new product or service, a well-targeted TikTok campaign can be of great help. 

In this guide, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about TikTok ads.

Introducing TikTok Ads

TikTok For Business is an all-in-one marketing tool that allows brands to advertise on TikTok. From targeting, ad creation, insight reports and ad management tools, TikTok Ads provides businesses with a powerful, easy-to-use interface

Instead of creating an entire strategy from scratch, TikTok Ads offers marketers a helpful guide for the entire process of selecting objectives, creating advertisements, setting up budgets, reaching target audiences and analyzing campaign data.

Since TikTok ads are still pretty new, they aren’t as popular as Facebook and Instagram yet. Thus, not a lot of brands have seen its potential and benefited from it. So if you own a startup business with a limited budget, TikTok ads offer unique tools that are worth leveraging. 

Different TikTok Ads Formats

Different TikTok Ads Formats

Since the beginning, TikTok has been known for its video formats. For TikTok Ads, marketers can choose from 

In-Feed Video Ads

In-Feed Videos are videos that auto-plays on a user’s discovery page, also known as the “For You” page. The For You page shows videos that the TikTok algorithm chooses based on a user’s app activity. In-Feed Ads are the fourth video a TikTok user sees as they scroll through their discovery page. These ads are very similar to ads that can be seen on a user’s Instagram Stories. 

In-Feed Ads are best for brands looking for ways to increase sales as they can include multiple call-to-actions (CTAs). For this type of ad format, you can video anywhere between 9 to 15 seconds.

Keep in mind that like any other TikTok videos, In-Feed Ads can be skipped and scrolled past easily. As such, you need to make sure to catch your audience’s attention before they decide to proceed to the next video. 

TopView Ads

TopView Ads are the type of ad format that appears immediately after a user opens the app. Unlike other typical TikTok videos, TopView Ads are longer with up to 60 seconds of full-screen auto-play video with no other competing content. Due to this, it has become a perfect option for businesses that are looking to advertise products or services that require a longer time-span. 

Branded Hashtag Challenge

Branded hashtag challenge is a unique ad format designed to fit in with TikTok’s unique user-generated content (UGC) aesthetic. It can be used to inspire TikTok users to co-create the content around a brand-related hashtag. Unlike on other social media platforms, this ad format offers exclusive access to the hashtag that costs a flat fee of US$150,000 for six days.

With this format, an ad can be broken into three placements: first, a standard video ads appear in the In-Feed placement to encourage users to take part in the challenge. Second, a featured banner is placed on the Discover page, directing traffic to the Hashtag Challenge page, which is the third placement.. 

Brand Takeover

Brand Takeover is a full-screen TikTok ad format that can include TopView, In-Feed and Branded Hashtags. They can appear on a user’s For You page either as still images, GIFs or videos with a clickable link driving users to a landing page or a Hashtag Challenge within the app.

The best thing about Brand Takeover is that it is exclusive to their category. This means that only one Brand Takeover is featured per day. Since users won’t see any other Brand Takeover on that particular day, you can expect greater exposure with little competition. 

Branded Effects

With branded effects, brands can advertise their products in a fun, entertaining way through shareable stickers, AR filters, and lenses. TikTok’s branded effects are similar to Snapchat’s branded lenses which lets brands create and design their own custom filter on the app.

Key Takeaway: TikTok for Businesses

Given its wide range of unique, powerful tools, TikTok is indeed becoming an advertising platform of choice for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. With TikTok Ads, you can create and run campaigns, set your budget, target your audience efficiently, select bidding methods, optimise your ads and design your ad creative. 

Advertise your brand on TikTok today. For enquiries, you may call us at (65) 8687 8143 or email us at hello@smmile.com.

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