6 Roles Every Web Design Agency in Singapore Should Have

6 Roles Every Web Design Agency in Singapore Should Have

According to research, 50% of consumers believe that website design plays a crucial role in a business’s overall brand. That only suggests that in order to meet customers’ needs and expectations, businesses should work their way to achieve a successful website design. Whether you’re planning to use your website as a lead driver or simply a medium to provide products or services to your customers, choosing a good web design agency in Singapore is necessary. 

Although it is now possible to quickly set up an eCommerce website given the wide variety of drag-and-drop website builder options, hiring a reliable web development team is still a must. Building a website from scratch may involve complex backend services that require technical know-how. As such, you’ll want to work with a team of experts that offer diverse skill sets.

Essential Roles You Need to Look for in A Web Design Agency

The size of a web design agency as well as the job titles may vary from one company to another. Let’s talk about the various skill sets and talents that, when combined, create a solid foundation for a good web development team. 

Here are the top six essential roles that make up a great web design agency. 

  • Project Manager

In a web design agency, the project manager holds everyone together. The main task of a project manager includes organising, coordinating and monitoring the project making sure that everything stays on budget and on time. Once they receive tasks from clients, a project manager delegates them properly to the team members and regularly communicates with them to make sure everything runs smoothly as planned. The project manager runs the entire web development from the planning down to the execution. 

When a certain milestone is met, the project manager is expected to present to the client to ask for feedback and approval. If the client asks to make any changes to the project, it’s the responsibility of the project manager to ask the team members to make the necessary changes. 

  • UI/UX Designer

Both the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) design play a vital role in the success of a business website. As such, hiring a web design agency equipped with a professional UI/UX designer is a must. 

A UI/UX designer specialises in conducting initial research and analysing user behaviour and project requirements to be able to formulate a website strategy. With the buyer persona in the mind, a UI/UX designer envisions the entire interaction flow beginning from the moment the client visits a landing page down to the checkout process. The designer then creates a wireframe to mockup each page of the website and establish the basic structure of the pages before visual design and content is added. 

  • Web Developer

Web developers, on the other hand, use web strategy and design to build a fully-functional website that can be used by your target audience. Web developers are classified into two:

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  • Back-end Developer

Back-end developers are responsible for server-side development. They work closely with databases, data processing, scripting, integration with 3rd-party services and website architecture. Back-end developers also monitor how the site works and how to make necessary changes. These professionals are proficient in various programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python and .Net. They also ensure that data is exchanged in a correct and secure manner. 

  • Front-end Developer

Front-end developers focus on the creation of elements that can be seen by the end-users. They are responsible for ensuring that the visual aspect of a website is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. They build elements such as buttons, navigation, images, layout, graphics and animation. The common stacks used by front-end developers include HTML, Javascript and CSS. 

  • Content Specialist

Content creation plays such an important role on a business website. As such, you need to hire a professional content specialist who is well-versed in digital marketing. A good content writer knows how to use a customer’s pain points and the company’s voice to create great content. They are responsible for writing copies for web pages, blog posts, emails, tip sheets, eBooks and other downloadable content. 

  • Marketing Strategist

Similar to the project manager, the role of a marketing strategist extends from the planning to the post-website launch. They work closely with the content specialist in creating a buyer persona, performing keyword research for SEO, implementing social media strategies and executing various campaigns to attract and convert website visitors. Simply put, a marketing strategist is responsible for maximising your website’s ROI. 

  • Quality Assurance Engineer

The quality assurance engineer also known as the QA engineer ensures that your website is free of bugs and is made based on the project requirements. Using automated and manual testing methods, QA engineers monitor the various stages of development to check for possible issues. Then, they compile the results of the testing and send them to the developers in charge. The developers, on the other hand, are expected to address any irregularities before moving forward to the next stage. 

Key Takeaway

Building a website from scratch takes a collective effort of talented individuals such as a project manager, web designers, web developers, content specialist, marketing strategist and QA engineers. A reliable web development team can surely help you build a website that will enable you to reach your goals and offer you a great return of investment. 

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