5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Website Security Right Now

Every year the number of malicious or infected sites due to malware software increases at tremendous rates. In 2017, it was reported in Singapore alone there were 1,800 website defacements (The Straits Times). Due to these numbers in such a small radius the need for better website security is crucial for many SME businesses in the upcoming year and so on.

Still unsure why you need security for your website? Here’s 5 key reasons to ensure your website security.  

1) Need to protect our websites from hackers

The number of website infiltrations are increasing at a rapid rate especially with the use of cryptocurrencies. For example, British security researcher, Scott Helme, showed that more than 4,000 websites were infected through the use of cryptocurrency on certain websites.

In other recent current events, ransomware, a type of malware that locks unsecure computers until the required ransom is paid.  It has been used in multiple hacking this year in Singapore but one of the most notable was the Wannacry incident which affected 500 internet protocol addresses (The Straits Times).

These events  show that hackers are getting smarter and finding new ways to gain access to your company’s’ information therefore, companies need to have a quality security protocols in place.  

2) Compromised websites are targeting businesses clients

Malware is the most common use of website hacking. This tool is used to infiltrate websites, gather data and in some cases even take over computer resources.

When a website is hacked, people don’t realize your site is then being used to try and hack your current customer base and potential customers. Hackers are known to use thousands of malware and ways to infiltrate. But, the most common is automated hacking tools, these are then used to gain access to your clients and site visitors. Therefore, having quality web security protocols doesn’t only affect your company.

3) Website hacking = Loss of revenue and business reputation

Getting your website hacked could also potentially lead to the end of your company. If your site is hacked, customers will lose trust and therefore it will lead to company reputation loss. If the loss of reputation results to loss in revenue, the company will go under.

For instance, put yourself in this situation, if you were potential customer and visited a site and got warned that the site could be infected, there is an extremely low chance that you will ever visit that site again. Your current and potential customers feel the same way and will react in that manner.

Also, if your website is hacked, your company is put on a blacklist. The word blacklist is just as bad as it sounds and just as hard to get off the list. The largest blacklist is done by Google, but other search engines have them. These search engines update their protocols continuously making them stricter. For example, Chrome has released that they will mark all HTTP sites as unsecure starting in July 2018. Having this mark will cause your potential customers the other way.

4) Securing your website will you save money

Many people have the mentality to push an issue aside until it affects them, website security shouldn’t be one of those issues. Because once you are hacked there are tremendous amount of hoops to jump through to fix the issue. Articles and blog post will both in the end tell you to hire a professional to remove the malware. Even for a professional since there are thousands of different malware types and ways to infiltrate it will take a lot of trial and error.

Once the professionals gets the website clean, there are still other issues. These include the loss of revenue due and dwindling reputation to the site being down. Therefore it may be expensive to higher a professional but way more effort after, when the company must use more company time and money to recover from this tremendous hit.

5) Consequences of the blacklist

A website becomes blacklisted when for example Google scans your site and notices malware and then dig deeper to find your site is linked to another. After determining the site is infected, the steps of finalizing a site’s blacklisting status are underway. You can identify a blacklisted site when you click on a site you want to view and then a displayed message “This site may harm your computer” shows up. This serves as a warning to visitors that the site is likely compromised.

A lot of people don’t know that cleaning up your site is only the first part of becoming re-listed on Google. Before you are able to put your site out there again, be sure you have protocols in place to prevent another hacking.



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