5 Bad Typography Habits You Might Want to Avoid

5 Bad Typography Habits You Might Want to Avoid

Regardless if it’s through our phones or a desktop or a laptop, one thing’s for sure: we’re digesting written words every single day. Naturally, we spend most of our time reflecting on what the written words mean rather than how these words were made. But typography is more than just that. Just like any good typography habits, bad typography habits also exist. In fact, there are everywhere. However, avoiding these bad typography habits will take a keen eye and a whole lot of patience.

Behind every successful website that has good typography are great designers who have exerted time, effort and resources to work on the look and tone of a word. 

List of 5 Bad Typography Habits You Might Want to Avoid

Fortunately, you can easily create a typographic checklist to help you avoid committing bad typography mistakes. To help you start, here’s our list of bad typography habits you might need to watch out for:

1. Center-aligning paragraph text

Center-aligning paragraph text

Centered and left-align text are two of the most used text alignments today. However, it is essential to understand when and how to properly use each of them. How you use them will affect the readability of your text, which can make your users either interested to read your website or walk away from it completely.   

Compared to center alignment, left-align text for paragraphs is a lot pleasing to the eyes, making it easier to read. One of the main reasons is that with centered text, the starting point of each line changes. Thus, forcing your readers to spend more time finding the beginning of every line. With left-aligned text, on the other hand, users can just easily move their eyes to the left edge each time they need to start on a new line. 

2. Insufficient line spacing

Insufficient line spacing

As you design your text, understanding the significance of line and paragraph spacing also known as “leading” is a must. According to 99designs, line spacing refers to the space between the baselines of each line of text. To improve the readability of your text, you can either choose to increase or decrease spacing to fit all the text without sacrificing the overall look of the page.

For adjusting line spacing you can opt for various software like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop. In most font software, the default setting for the line spacing is 120%.

3. Using all caps

Using all caps

According to the New Republic, capital letters have now been coined as the internet code for shouting. Other people think that writing text in all caps would emphasize the words or sentences written, making it easier for users to read. Well, it does the actual opposite.

Texts in all caps are actually difficult to read as they appear to be all similar. Not to mention, it will only just make you sound like you’re shouting at your audience to prove a point, which is rude.

4. Too many hyphens

Too many hyphens

The use of too many hyphens especially in one paragraph can make the entire text appear messy, making it hard to read. If possible try to lessen the use of hyphens by adjusting the hyphenation settings. Also, make sure that words aren’t hyphenated in the middle of a syllable. 

5. Using justified text alignment

Using justified text alignment

Justification in typography refers to the alignment of text within a column to align both the left and right margin. In most cases, the justified text is used in printed media such as books and newspapers. However, using it for websites may not be a good idea. 

For starters, the existence of different website browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can affect how the justified text will look on-screen. In most cases. Rendering on different browsers may cause rivers of white spaces, which appear to run through a paragraph of text. This river causes most readers to be distracted, keeping their focus away from the content. 

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