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In this digital era, even 81% of small and medium businesses use some social media platforms. Social Media Marketing is getting bigger than ever, as some have realized the benefits of building a good social media presence.

According to statistics, 73% of marketers have shown that social media is a very effective and powerful tool. Any recommendations to up your social media game?

Therefore, we will showcase 5 tips about how to manage your social media! We hope that you will find some of these tips to be useful and easy to apply.

1. Understanding Competitors

In any business, it is important to be updated of your competitors’ activity. Unquestionably, the industry leaders are the people you should follow and analyse. How did they manage to achieve such a status? Thus, learn what has been tried and tested, as well as what has proven to be effective or useless, so that you can better map out your social media strategy! 

One tip is to use Facebook’s Pages to compare competitors’ activity, engagement, and audience growth to your own. This feature allows you to see details of their posts, frequency of posts, time of day they’re posting. Competitors with high engagement rates are the ones to look out for. 

Simultaneously, you may also try SEMrush’s Competitive Positioning Map. Simply, enter your URL. Straightaway, the tool will automatically collate data. Basically, information such as top competitors, level of traffic and the keywords they’re ranking for, can be seen easily. 

2. Selecting Suitable Social Media Platforms

Indeed, there are a plethora of social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, to name a few. Based on your skills and preference, select a few that you can work with.

For instance, if you are talented in blogging, go on to platforms such as Medium and Instagram. For those of you who are more vocal, Youtube and Facebook Live is a great platform for you to be heard. Note that it is quality over quantity. Thus, concentrate on the platforms you currently have.

Another key point is to first survey the platforms your customers prefer to be notified by. It will be pointless if there is no audience, right? 

3. Automating Posting of Social Media

As mentioned above, priortise the channels you are working on. Many people have average of 8 social media accounts. But, they may be too busy to keep updated with all these social media platforms. Hence, here is where automation kicks in.

For instance, schedule your posts on Facebook. Though you may have written in advance, you can select the date for when to post the article. Let technology do the job! 

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4. Simplifying Content Creation 

Content creation is important, and it helps you to distinguish from the rest. There are some tools that can assist you in creating content. 

For example, Inoreader will help you find relevant content and keep up with your favorite information sources. The tool allows you to save web pages for viewing later, and subscribe to social feeds. 

Visuals such as photos and videos can be easily enhanced with platforms such as  Canvas and VSCO. Well, of course you can stick to Photoshop, but these are basics for the beginners or the ones who have to rush. 

After creating content, it is time to post them. Sprout Social is recommended. It will help you with scheduling and posting your content across different social networks.This makes it easier process. Meanwhile, you can focus on creating the social media content. 

5. Engaging Online and Offline

Needless to say, audience must be engaged through your social media. If not, you may lose traction and have fewer supporters. As most of you may have multiple
social accounts, Buffer Reply is a great choice. All the social conversations are in one place, and you can respond to them from the same tool’s interface. Whether you receive good reviews or negative remarks, do reply to the comments. 

Another tip if you are using Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, is to go live! This will create a personal touch, and users can more easily interact with you too. You can ask questions and quizzes via Instagram, or simply livestream when you wish to introduce a product. These methods will garner more attention. Meanwhile, you can also get too know your customers’ likes and dislikes in real time!

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As for offline events, do stay connected with local audience. You can do so by having giveaways, and by having localised hashtags such as #sgfoodstagram, #sgfoodblogger #sgbeautyblogger. 

Social Media Strategy

Generally, there is no particular mix of social media platforms that make a good social media strategy. It’s a trial and error process, and you just have to figure out what works and what does not. 

We hope that you can apply some of them, and let us know which ones were the most interesting strategies!

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