4 Benefits of Blogging for Businesses

4 Benefit of Blogging for Businesses

Gone are the days when blogs were only used for nerdy niches. In today’s world where businesses revolve around technology, blogging for businesses plays a fundamental role in every company’s digital marketing plan. It allows businesses to build a strong online presence while communicating with their audience through well-written content. 

According to WordPress, there are over 409 million people who view more than 20 billion pages. From this statistic alone, we can all agree that blogging not just for individuals but also for businesses is here to stay. In fact, Oberlo states that a total of 86% of content marketers use blog posts as part of their marketing strategy. 

What is Business Blogging?

Businesses seek to create strong connections with their audience through various techniques such as email campaigns and social media ads. While these strategies are no doubt effective, one increasingly powerful way to reach the audience is through creating and distributing business blogs. 

Business blogging refers to a marketing tactic that uses relevant and engaging content not only to provide information to the audience but also to increase a brand’s online visibility, and ultimately, to encourage the audience to purchase a product or a service. 

Typically, business blogs can be found on a website’s blog page, a part of the website where businesses showcase all their posts about different topics related to the business and the products or services they offer. 

Powerful Benefits of Blogging for Businesses

Powerful Benefits of Blogging for Businesses
  • Blogging builds brand awareness

Blogging for businesses plays an essential role in building strong brand identity awareness. Blog posts can help provide exposure and visibility to your brands without the need for expensive advertising. With well-written blogs equipped with facts and evidence from in-depth research, your blog can easily provide value to the audience, making you appear as a relevant source of information for search engines. 

You can start by curating posts that are of interest to your readers and relevant to your business as well. That way, you can naturally create a connection with your audience while also giving them an idea of who you are and what you can do to make their lives even better. 

  • Blogging increases traffic to your website

People who know all about your brand and your products or services can simply type in your name in the browser to find your website. However, they won’t help you gain more traffic than you already have. One effective way to increase your website traffic is by placing paid ads. While this technique can help you gain some traction, pay-per-click advertising can be pretty expensive.

So, you might be wondering, how exactly can you drive traffic without breaking the bank? The answer is through business blogging. Every blog post gives you an opportunity to rank in the search engines, allowing you to drive traffic in organic search. 

Business blogging also gives you a chance to be recognised on social media. Once your readers find your blog posts worthy to be shared, they can easily share your posts on their social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This can help expose your brand to a new and much bigger audience.  

  • Blogging improves overall customer experience

Truth be told: people are no longer interested in irritatingly salesy blog posts as they are already bombarded with numerous ads every day. This is what makes business blogging a lot more different. With blogging, you are providing more value to customer experience by providing your audience with relevant information for free. 

Depending on who your audience is and what your brand is offering, you can provide them with checklists, how-to guides, interviews, recipes and so on. The more information they get, the more loyal they can be in the future.  

  • Blogging makes you a recognised expert in your industry

How your blog looks as well as the language and tone you use can surely impact your brand voice. These factors can help your brand create a unique personality of its own, setting it apart from the competition. Business blogging, for instance, can be of great help in this matter. Through blogging, you can consistently create blog posts that are relevant to your audience, which can eventually help establish you as an expert in your industry. 

Convert Leads into Sales Through Well-Curated Business Blogs

Whether you’re looking for ways to increase your website traffic or add value to customer experience, business blogging can be your best bet. Contact a reliable digital marketing agency for more details. You may contact us at (65) 8687 8143 or send us an email at hello@smmile.com. 

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