3 eCommerce Design Mistakes that Could Jeopardize Your Sales

Establishing an eCommerce  Website that people can trust is not very hard – you just need to pay attention to details and understand human being psychology. A weak call to action represents the failure to understand psychological actions.

Identifying the potential causes that could jeopardize our business and fixing the existing problems would bring sustainable, positive impact on your sales.

Here are 5 eCommerce Design Mistakes that would not be helpful for your business- they are even potentially killing your business!

1. Lack of a Straightforward Value Proposition

Your straightforward value proposition is the most important thing that determines people’s decisions in a few seconds. They might choose to read more information on your website, or they just close the whole site and quit. If people need to spend more than 5 seconds to figure out “Hmmm, what does this company do?” The result would more likely be “I’m not interested. I’m done.”

The essential elements of any straightforward value proposition include

A good, easy-to-read headline that uses simple, clear language to show the reason that an item is worth purchasing. It’s not a logo, a slogan, a picture or promotional information. It is just a quick way to help people understand your objective.

Below the headline, the body should show why people should choose your products or services. You need to differentiate yourself and give people the reason that they shouldn’t buy the product from other sellers. Other than the headline and body, using pictures, videos and other forms to add some additional benefits.

2. Misleading Descriptions

Product descriptions are extremely important because over 50% of people are searching  information online in order to compare multiple similar products and help them make a final decision, or just purchase directly.

Sometimes eCommerce websites have a lot of insufficient parts regarding their products. People get misled or confused, so the most likely result is that they will switch to your competitors’ websites and buy their products.

Think about what customers are looking for from your websites. What is the most popular product? What is your main competency?

Do they care mostly about how it looks, or about what it’s capable of? Revamp your images use and improve your product descriptions based on this need.

3. Failure to Grab Attention

It is very consistent with problem No.1 When people can’t figure out what you are trying to say, they drop out. When the home page looks nice and straightforward, people will move forward too. They will look for buttons to click on and learn more about your products.

After your customers collect enough information and decide that they want to purchase. They will get stuck if they can’t get through the whole process smoothly.

In other words, you need to create a visual hierarchy – people want to navigate a website easily and a good website design is the bed rock of a clear, visual hierarchy.

A good example would be a simple website with green and blue as the main color and the whole style is very consistent – it is like a harmonious land without any objects standing out.

Now we can imagine that if we add a large orange button in the middle, with a text “Purchase Now”, it would catch the attention within 0.5 second! And the whole website would not look boring and plain any more

A good visual hierarchy builds the strong call to action.

Based on our discussions above, we realize three common mistakes that eCommerce websites often make unconsciously- Lack of a Straightforward Value Proposition, Misleading Descriptions and Failure to Grab Attention.  The root cause of these mistakes is just a weak website design, so the easiest, most efficient way to solve all the problems above is to revamp your website and give your business a rebirth. We can help with it and we are always aiming to design for trust.

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3 eCommerce Design Mistakes that Could Jeopardize Your Sales 1

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