19 Common eCommerce Website Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

If you are developing or designing an eCommerce website, read on for 19 common eCommerce website design mistakes you need to know and avoid. This applies for websites without eCommerce too.

Every web designer will tell you that the website is the most important thing to recognize your company. Most of the people are judging about your company because of the style and design of your website. As such, before creating a website, you need to know the most common eCommerce website design issues you need to avoid. 

But why is the design so important?

There is some research about things customers, consumers and clients focus on for judgement. Even though most of the people jump to a conclusion and you could possibly turn this around, many of them will build their fixed opinion based on their first impression about your company or at least still have in mind that your website is not good looking and so get a bad indentation about your company and might lose their trust in you.

One of the most known research to support this prediction is the study from Derek Halpern about Social Triggers and the Paper Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites by Elizabeth Sillence, Pam Briggs, Lesley Fishwick and Peter Harris.

They observed women that were faced with a risky health decision while searching the internet for information for four weeks. Some sessions were uninstructed and some directed to see what’s happening and what forced the women to decide. From all of the factors that were mentioned for rejecting or mistrusting a website, 94% were design related and only 6% were content related. To help prevent you from committing the same mistake, here’s a list of common website design mistakes you need to avoid.

Common ecommerce website design mistakes to avoid
  1.     Inconsistent Interface
  2.      Lack of Call to Action
  3.      Lack of Search Box
  4.      Cluttered Homepage
  5.      Not Mobile Friendly
  6.      Low-Quality Content
  7.      Hidden Contact
  8.      Poor readability
  9.     Inefficient Navigation
  10.    Too many pop-up windows
  11.    Annoying Advertisements
  12.    Unorganized Content Layout
  13.    Complicated Registration Process
  14.    Inappropriate name for the website
  15.    Complex, busy layout
  16.    Lack of navigation aids
  17.   Small print
  18.    Too much text
  19.    Corporate look and feel

From the research, we learned the following staged model of trust:

  • Rapid screening of sites based upon heuristic analysis
  • Systematic evaluation of site content
  • Integration of information across sites and sources
  • Longer term consultation and self disclosure processes

No matter what the type of your website is – whether it is a blog, an informational website, a community building website or an e-commerce website, your website design created the first impression and thus affects the level of trust. A poor website design willlead to a weak call to action, a low return on investment and a negative impression of  the whole community.


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By Lan Zhou & Amireh Leuwer

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SMMILE is a Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore with over 10 years of experience in the industry.